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Happy young lady wearing stripy t shirt faces left while sitting on the floor of her new flat surrounded by boxes

What does the ground rent "ban" mean for you?

From 30th June 2022, landlords can only charge “peppercorn” ground rent on new leasehold agreements, effectively banning ground rent. But, what does this mean for you?



lady dressed for summer using phone in a train station

3 scams to watch out for this summer

Cybercrime, and the scams that lead to it, are on the rise. Know what you’re looking for and keep yourself safe this summer.

Young couple walking labrador dog outside red brick house

Will you get a £150 council tax rebate in 2022?

The government have announced a raft of measures to help combat rising energy bills. Find out if you’re eligible for a £150 Council Tax rebate and how to claim.