Editorial Guidelines

Here at Ocean, we want to make money simple. Our goal is to make it easier to understand your finances and the options out there, no matter your situation. On our site, you’ll find guides and blog posts on everything money.  

We make sure our content is accurate, accessible, and valuable by: 

  • Writing in plain English – We don’t hide behind jargon.  
  • Only using accurate sources – All information on our site is cited from trusted sources. 
  • Keeping up to date – We audit our content regularly to make sure it’s all accurate. 
  • Covering all options – It’s rare that one solution works for everyone. We explore options for all circumstances.   

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Authorised 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the financial services industry in the UK. Its role includes protecting consumers and encouraging healthy competition between financial services providers. We make sure our content follows the FCA's rules and gives you the information you need to help you make the best decisions for you. 

Writing in plain English 

Our content is written to be clear and concise. It should be understandable from the first time you read it. This means no important information will be hidden behind jargon, and all explanations will be as straightforward as possible.  

Everything we write is designed to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to your finances.  

Sourcing accurately 

All our content is written by our in-house personal finance experts.  

Content is fact-checked and reviewed by a senior editor to ensure both accuracy and content quality. 

Posts that discuss financial products are further reviewed by our compliance team to ensure they follow FCA rules and guidelines.  

When not referring to our own data, we make sure to only use trusted, relevant sources. These include the UK Government, the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and MoneyHelper, among others. 

If you see any inaccuracies in our content, get in touch so we can issue a correction. 

Using the most up-to-date information 

Each of our articles includes its publication date. This means you can be confident all information is accurate at the time of publishing. We also audit our content regularly to ensure information across the site is up to date. 

For everything money 

Our editorial team is passionate about simplifying everything money. Their areas of expertise include: 

Have a look through our authors page to see their full bios and latest work.  

We aim to cover as many personal finance topics as possible, so you can be aware of your options.