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Find a personal loan from £100 to £10,000

Why choose us?

  • We match 1000+ customers to a loan every day
  • Once approved, you could get your cash in just 15 minutes*
  • Getting a quote is FREE & won’t impact your credit score
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per month

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49.9% APR Representative (Variable)

Why choose us?

  • We match 1000+ customers to a loan every day
  • Once approved, you could get your cash in just 15 minutes*
  • Getting a quote is FREE & won’t impact your credit score
  • Apply online in as little as just 3 minutes
  1. Tell us how much you want to borrow and for how long
  2. Complete our simple application form
  3. We’ll search a panel of lenders to find you the best loan
  4. Get an instant decision
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Ocean Finance is a trading style of Intelligent Lending limited. We are a credit broker working with a panel of lenders to find you a personal loan.

  1. Tell us how much you want to borrow and for how long
  2. Complete our simple application form
  3. We’ll search a panel of lenders to find you the best loan
  4. Get an instant decision
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A personal loan is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a type of credit where a lender makes a one-off cash payment into your personal bank account. You’ll then make a single fixed payment each month until you pay the loan back in full (plus interest, of course). At Ocean Finance, we’ll search some of the best personal loans in the UK to find one that works for you.

How much you pay back each month and how long the monthly repayments last all comes down to two key things – the amount you borrow and the length of time you need it. Why not use our loan calculator above to get an idea of how much you’ll pay back each month.

You may have heard the term ‘unsecured’ loans used when talking about personal loans. This doesn’t mean this type of loan isn’t safe or secure, though. What this actually means is you aren’t borrowing money secured against something you own – e.g. your home.

What’s the interest rate on a personal loan?

The representative APR when applying for a loan with Ocean Finance is 49.9%APR but the interest rates you receive are usually based on your credit history. Lenders look at how well you’ve managed your money in the past to decide how much you can borrow, for how long and at what interest rate.

What can I use a personal loan for?

A personal loan can be used for pretty much anything you couldn’t otherwise afford unless you save up for a long time. And, sometimes, things just can’t wait. Got a new set of wheels in mind? A big wedding to plan? A personal loan could help you turn your plans into reality.

If you have any other debts, personal loans are a popular way of merging them into a single monthly payment. By taking out a loan, you can pay off your credit cards, store cards or other debt in one swoop – then make one payment on what you owe each month. Simple! Just remember to you might end up paying more interest in the long run.

Just as long as you stick to your monthly payments, there’s no reason a personal loan can’t be a safe and easy way to borrow money for any personal purpose. Some lenders will also let you make over-payments or pay off your loan early without any extra charges too.

What can I not use a personal loan for?

You can use a personal loan for nearly any reason, but there are some things it’s not a good idea to use one for. Anything illegal is a big no-no, as is anything risky – such as gambling. It’s not for frivolous purchases or big shopping splurges either. Always bear in mind that, like any type of credit, taking out a personal loan is not a decision to be taken lightly and you should only take a loan if you actually need it.

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Anyone! At Ocean Finance, we believe that everyone should be treated as an individual. That’s why you won’t have to fit a long list of criteria to find a personal loan with us. We judge every application on its own qualities and work with a big panel of lenders to make sure we find a loan that suits your personal situation.

Are you renting your home? This type of credit is a great option because you don’t have to own a property to get the cash you apply for. But don’t think homeowners can’t take advantage of a personal loan – you can! And the best part is, you don’t have to risk your home when doing so.

To get a quote with us, all we ask is that you’re a) at least 18 years old and b) a permanent UK resident.

Is a personal loan for me?

If you’re planning a major purchase or want to consolidate your debts, a personal loan could be a better option than dipping into your overdraft or using a credit card. It could even save you money on interest payments – with a loan, you’ll know the monthly payments and the total cost upfront, but with a credit card, its easy to just pay the minimum payment which could mean paying a lot more interest!

With a loan, you can typically borrow a higher amount compared to a credit card. And you can spend all the money in one go without worrying about maxing out your limit. You can also sit back and relax knowing full the amount you borrow and pay back each month will stay the same, because it’s all agreed up front.

If you don’t think you can stick to your monthly repayments, applying for a personal loan isn’t for you. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you can afford the full sum each month – your repayment plus interest– and how it stacks up against other things you have to budget for, like bills, rent and day-to-day living.

Can I apply for a loan with bad credit?

The short answer is “yes”. The bad news, however, is that a less-than-perfect credit score will stand in your way of getting the best personal loan interest rates out there. It’s likely you’ll find the amount you can borrow isn’t as much as you’d hoped for, too.

If you’ve been refused a loan by a high street lender or you’re finding it hard to borrow money elsewhere, we can find personal loans for bad credit that could work for you.

Guarantor personal loans are another option for people with a bad credit history. This is where a family member or friend agrees to back your application and payment, effectively ‘securing’ the loan for the lender. As a result, it reduces the risk to the lender and increases your chances of being approved.

Having a poor credit record can put some lenders off, but we’re a personal loan broker for bad credit – not just good credit. So, you can rest easy knowing we’ll do everything we can to find the best deal to fit your circumstances from our panel of lenders.

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There are plenty of reasons you might want to get a personal loan. A sparkling kitchen, a new set of wheels or a dream wedding don’t often come cheap. If you can’t cover the cost with your regular income, credit card or savings, a loan can make it happen – and then spread that expense across a set period of time that makes it all much easier to manage.

Another reason to need an unsecured personal loan is because you’re struggling to keep track of any credit card, store card and loan payments you might have. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s not unusual to sometimes feel overwhelmed. Taking out a loan can help you take control of your finances by bringing all of your debts into one single payment.

What are the advantages of a personal loan?

One of the biggest upsides to a personal loan is that you can borrow what you need without having to stash away savings for a long time. Plus, you can borrow the cash you need without putting your home at risk. Still not convinced? Here are some of the other brilliant benefits of personal loans:

  • Get the total amount upfront so you’re able to cover those bigger costs
  • It can be used for anything: like a new car, a house extension or a wedding
  • Borrow up to £10,000 – more than you’ll probably get with a credit card
  • Fixed monthly payments make it easier for you to manage your finances
  • Interest rates are usually fixed, which also makes it easier for budgeting
  • Spread the cost over a timeframe that suits you
  • Consolidate several debts and potentially reduce your monthly outgoings
  • Many lenders let you make over-payments or even pay off your loan early

In addition to all those plus points, personal loans for poor credit can boost your credit score over time. If you keep on track with your monthly repayments, you’ll show how well you can manage your money. And that means more lenders will be able to help you in future.

All loans and lenders are different so be sure to double-check what you’re signing up to and any limitations the loan may have. And remember, consolidating debts can extend the time you pay back the loan, meaning you could end up paying more interest in the long run.

What are the disadvantages of personal loans?

Like any form of credit, personal loans can come with disadvantages – so it’s worth bearing the following things in mind if you’re thinking about applying for one:

  • Personal loan interest rates are often higher than other forms of credit, particularly if you’re borrowing a smaller amount
  • It can be tempting to take out a bigger loan than you need if you’re offered a lower interest rate for borrowing more cash
  • Less flexibility – you’ll have to stick to your agreed repayments, even if your personal circumstances change
  • Being late with a repayment or missing one altogether can harm your credit score
  • The interest rate you get will depend on your credit score, so a less-than-ideal history can make the cost of borrowing more

Why does my credit score matter when applying for a personal loan?

As personal loans aren’t secured against a home or anything else, the risk to you is reduced. For the lender, however, the risk is higher. That’s why they use your credit score to provide a better idea of what sort of borrower you’ll be.

If you don’t have a perfect credit score, it could tell potential lenders that there’s a risk of you not sticking to your payments. On the other hand, a good credit score can suggest you’re someone who’ll have no trouble paying back your loan on time, every time.

How can I find my credit score?

It’s free to check your credit score with the three main UK credit reference agencies:

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How a personal loan works is pretty straightforward. Put simply, you’ll borrow a certain amount of money from your chosen lender. In return, you’ll agree to pay back your loan to the lender every month over a set time period. Here at Ocean Finance, we do everything we can to get you a loan – whether you want to pay it back over 3 or 60 months.

How do I get a personal loan?

In a few quick steps, we’ll help you find the money you’re looking for. Start by telling us how much you want to borrow and for how long, and then fill out our simple application form. We’ll take that information and search our panel of personal loan lenders to find you the best deal.

And the best bit? We’ll give you an instant online decision and without affecting your credit score!

After that, we’ll take you to the lender’s website to complete the application. All being well and depending on your bank or the particular lender, you can have the cash in your account sooner than you’d believe – in as little as 15 minutes!

How will taking out a loan affect my credit score?

Applying for any form of credit can impact your credit score. But you can get a quote with Ocean Finance before applying without affecting your score. We’ll show you within a matter of seconds if you’re likely to be pre-approved!

A mark is only left on your credit file if you decide to go ahead and apply for a loan with the chosen lender. While this can have a small effect on your credit score in the short term, keeping up with your repayments will soon reverse that – and even help to build up your credit score.

Why have I been rejected for a personal loan?

The most common reason for being turned down for a personal loan is because of a less-than-perfect credit score. It could be because you missed a credit card payment once, or maybe you’ve got a lot of debt already. Whatever the reason, it’s sometimes referred to as having ‘bad credit’.

What if I get into difficulties paying back my loan?

It’s important that you get in touch with your lender straight away if you think you’re going to have any difficulties in paying back your loan. You might find the lender gives you extra time if you think it’s only a short-term issue – and it’s also possible it won’t necessarily be marked down on your credit file.

Of course, you can’t peer into the future and see exactly what life holds in store. If a change in your personal situation makes you think you’ll struggle to stick to your repayments in the long run, your lender could help – perhaps by giving you the space to seek independent help:

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With loads of different providers offering personal loans online, choosing the right one can make all the difference when it comes to getting the best deal. Some can end up being too good to be true or have hidden fees – either way, it makes sense to go with someone you can trust.

Here at Ocean Finance, we only ever make sure we come back with the best deal we can find to suit your needs. You can trust our panel of lenders because we trust them with our customers.

With us, there are no empty promises and no hanging around – just quick, simple steps to find out if you’re eligible in the first place. And those are just some of the reasons to pick Ocean Finance. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and helped 250,000 people in the process, so we know a thing or two about finding the best personal loans in the UK.

  • We match 1000+ customers to a loan every day
  • Once approved, you could get your cash in just 15 minutes*
  • Getting a quote is FREE & won’t impact your credit score
  • Apply online in as little as just 3 minutes

*Once approved, your cash could be sent within 15 minutes. Note, that the time it takes for the cash to be in your account will depend on your banks’ policy.

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