Debt consolidation mortgages

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Ocean Finance is well known for expertise in arranging debt consolidation loans, but in some circumstances a debt consolidation mortgage may be a better method of consolidating your debts.

Ocean Mortgages offer no-obligation help and advice to help you remortgage to consolidate debt and find a debt consolidation mortgage plan from one of a range of lenders. We can give you access to leading debt consolidation mortgages and mortgage lenders including some high street banks and building societies.

Debt consolidation mortgages could give you greater control over your finances. If you have outstanding debts such as credit cards, store cards, personal loans or a large overdraft, you may wish to remortgage to consolidate debt to help you straighten out your personal finances and condense all your debts into one manageable monthly repayment. This could also reduce the amount you pay towards your debts each month, although it could also increase the total interest to be paid.

Some of our lenders offer specialised mortgage plans that are still available if you have missed mortgage payments, loan payments, have CCJs or other forms of adverse credit.

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