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Delivery parcels left on a front doorstep at Christmas time

How to avoid these common Black Friday scams

If you’re shopping this Black Friday, here are the most common scams to be aware of



Mason jar with a variety of British coins on a white background

What is jam jar budgeting?

Could jam jars be the key to sticking to your budget? Find out how the jam jar method works and learn how to make it work for you in just three steps.

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Woman in white sweater is writing a list while drinking from a mug. There's a Christmas tree, candles and twinkly fairy lights in the background.

6 things to budget for this Christmas

We go over the six most important things you need to budget for this Christmas and share tips to help you make your money go further this festive season.

Man wearing a brown hat, white t-shirt and glasses holds his phone while sitting looking in brown paper shopping bags

Debunk dodgy deals this Black Friday

Retailers use all sorts of tactics to persuade you to spend, spend, spend. We share our top tips to suss them out and look after your money this Black Friday.