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We've been helping people get the money they need, to do the things they want since 1991.

We offer products and advice to suit your personal circumstances and are proud to say that we’ve been awarded the Platinum Feefo Trusted Service Award 2021, for our commitment to providing a reliable service to all our customers, regardless of their situation.

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About Ocean Finance

We also believe in
giving a bit back.

Our charities range from the local to the international - from small ways we can make a difference to large life-changing projects costing many thousands of pounds.

Jubilee Action - Rwanda

As part of our commitment to help the children orphaned by the genocide in Rwanda we've singlehandedly raised the funds to build, staff and run a deaf centre and vocational training centre.

Working in tandem with the charity Jubilee Action we now have over 70 children living full time within the deaf centre complex who are given specialist education and care by the five teachers and the 42 community mentors on the premises.

Action Jubilee
Cash for Kids Cash for Kids Logo

Cash for Kids

Cash for Kids aims to improve the quality of life for disabled and disadvantaged children across the city of Manchester.

They focus on under 18s who may have mental or physical disabilities, behavioural or psychological disorders or have suffered abuse, neglect or deprivation. One of their aims is to make sure that every child, no matter what their background, has a present to open at Christmas day. To help them achieve this, we encourage all members of staff to buy an extra present and donate this to the cause.

Cash for Kids

Comic Relief and 'Sports Relief'

For several years now, Think Money Group has offered its services as a 'call centre' for both Comic Relief 'Red Nose Day' and 'Sports Relief' charity's fundraising events – with over 200 of the company's staff volunteering to help out and take pledges.

Comic Relief and Sports Relief