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Need a loan? Find personal and homeowner loans with Ocean Finance. We can find some of the best loans in the UK that can be used for almost any purpose and we may be able to help if you’ve got bad credit.

  • Find a loan that’s right for you
  • All credit histories welcome
  • No upfront fees

Find personal loans
from £100 to £10,000

  • Instant online decision
  • All credit histories welcome
  • No upfront fees

49.9% APR Representative (variable)

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Homeowner loans
from £10,000 to £100,000

  • Check if you'll be accepted before you apply
  • Getting a quote won’t affect your credit score
  • We compare 100s of loans with competitive rates

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Personal and homeowner loans from Ocean Finance

Looking for a loan? At Ocean Finance, we could help you find the best loans for almost any purpose. Whether you’re looking to make a big purchase, need to make some home improvements, or even want to consolidate your debts, we could help.

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Personal loans

Also called an unsecured loan, it isn’t secured against your property, so you don’t need to own your own home to apply for a loan.

  • Borrow £100 to £10,000
  • Available over 3 months to 5 years

Homeowner Loans

Also known as a secured loan, homeowner loans are secured against your property, so you’ll only be eligible if you own your own home or have a mortgage. You can get a loan if you own your own home, tailored to your needs.

  • Borrow £10,000 to £100,000
  • Available over 3 to 25 years

Debt consolidation loans

If you’re repaying multiple existing debts each month, you could use a debt consolidation loan to make the payments more manageable.

By using a loan to consolidate your debts, you could:

  • Replace your multiple repayments with one easy-to-manage repayment each month
  • Reduce the amount you pay with some of our best loan deals
  • Free up money for other purposes

Get a quote for a debt consolidation loan today and use our loan repayment calculator to see what your monthly repayments could be.

Remember, as you’ll be repaying your debt over a longer period, you could increase the amount of interest to be paid overall when you get a loan for debt consolidation.

How do I apply for a loan?

Applying for a loan with Ocean is really easy. Click on the ‘find out more’ buttons above to get a bit more information on the different types of online loans we offer.

You can then fill in our short online form and we will search for a personal loan for you. Or if you want a homeowner loan, use our quick loan calculator to see what your payments might be on a homeowner loan before applying.

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You want great service, who wouldn’t? Well, we’re proud to deliver nothing short of excellence and our customers seem to agree!

Take a look at genuine reviews from our happy customers who we’ve helped get accepted for an Ocean credit card, loan or mortgage.

Common questions

Is a personal loan secured or unsecured?

All our personal loans are unsecured. This means that they they’re not secured against your property, so you don’t have to be a homeowner to apply. This also means that your home won’t be at risk if you find yourself unable to meet your monthly repayments. Use our loan repayment calculator to work out the monthly repayments first.

Homeowner loans are also available. You can find out more about these here.

What's the difference between a personal loan and a homeowner loan?

Personal loans are generally for small to medium amounts of money (between £100 to £10,000) and are repaid over 3 to 60 months. Homeowner loans can be much larger (between £10,000 and £100,000) and the repayment periods can be much longer too – up to 25 years.

However, as the name suggests, you can only apply for a homeowner loan if you own your own property. This isn’t the case with a personal loan.

Can I get a loan if I’ve missed payments in the past?

If your credit rating isn’t perfect, it can be harder to get a loan, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. A lender may simply offer you a higher interest rate for offline and online loans than they would if you had a good credit rating.

If you own your own home, you may be more likely to be accepted for a homeowner loan. That’s because the loan is secured against your property, giving your lender more security in the event you don’t make your repayments.

Remember though, with a homeowner loan, your property may be at risk if you don’t meet your repayments.

Is a personal loan cheaper than a homeowner loan?

Homeowner loans usually come with a lower APR, which means you’ll pay a lower amount of interest, but they’re also usually repaid over a longer period than a personal loan. This means you could pay more interest in total by the time you’ve paid it all off.

Why use Ocean Finance?

We can find some of the best loan deals in the UK and have helped hundreds of thousands of people find the right loan. We can do the same for you.

  • We look at every application on a case-by-case basis – even if you have poor credit, we’ll do our best to find you a loan deal
  • All credit histories welcome
  • There are no upfront fees to worry about

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