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Our best mortgage deals & rates for 2020

Switch your mortgage to get a deal that could reduce your outgoings by £100s a month.

  • We compare 100s of mortgage deals
  • Get FREE no obligation expert advice on the phone
  • Get extra cash for other purposes

We’ve secured a £100 Gift Card** to give you for taking out a mortgage through Ocean.

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Looking to borrow additional cash? Select ‘Yes’ if you’re looking to borrow extra cash on top of your current mortgage

We’ve secured a £100 Gift Card** to give you for taking out a mortgage through Ocean.

  • We compare 100s of mortgage deals
  • Get FREE no obligation expert advice on the phone
  • Get extra cash for other purposes

Cut outgoings by up to £626* per month with the right mortgage deal

You can save money by switching to a better remortgage deal, plus you can reduce your outgoings by £100s a month by raising extra cash for debt consolidation.

Taking out a mortgage is a huge financial decision, so making sure you find the best deal for you is key to saving money.

Whether you’re remortgaging because you’re at the end of your current deal or because you want to raise extra cash, we’ll find the best rate available to you, either through our own panel, or with our partner.

We’re a broker, so we work with a range of lenders to help find you the right mortgage.

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Making the mortgage process easy

You'll have someone helping with the hard work every step of the way.

Whether you take out a mortgage through Ocean or through one of our trusted, expert partners, we know it’ll be hassle-free from the get-go.

Great, how do I begin my application?

You’ll fill in a few questions online, then be contacted by an expert to explore your options and work towards obtaining an Agreement in Principle. Even after being contacted, there’s no pressure, you’re not tied in to anything.

Get a £100 Gift Card**

We’ve secured a £100 Gift Card to give you for remortgaging through Ocean or our trusted partners. We’ll send this to you once the lender has confirmed completion of the mortgage.

How can I get the lowest mortgage rate?

Factors that may help you get a lower mortgage rate:

  • A lower loan-to-value - The LTV is the how much you owe (as a percentage) compared to the value of the property. For example, if you owe £100,000 on your mortgage, and your home is worth £200,000 your LTV is 50%. The LTV becomes lower if your property value increases or your mortgage balance reduces. Typically, the lower the LTV, the better the rate you will be offered.
  • For a purchase mortgage, the loan-to-value depends on how big your deposit is - if you provide a larger deposit, you’re more likely to qualify for lower rates.
  • If remortgaging, switching to a better deal at the end of your initial term can save money compared to a standard variable rate.
  • Your credit score and report - this is one of the factors that lenders consider when assessing whether (and how much) to lend to you.

How are mortgages calculated?

The amount a lender will offer you comes down mostly to your affordability - so they’ll look at your income and outgoings to assess this, along with your credit score. The lender needs to be sure you can afford repayments now and in the long-term. Each lender has their own way of working out what they deem to be affordable.

Interest rates vary based on the economy, but generally, the best rates will be available to those with a lower loan-to-value percentage. So, this means those with large deposits on purchase mortgages, or significant equity in their property for remortgages.

How many mortgages can I have?

In theory, you can have as many mortgages as you’d like - or at least as many as lenders are willing to give you.

Bear in mind, there are different conditions and rates for multiple mortgages. Rates and fees will often be higher on second mortgages or buy-to-let agreements.

How to compare mortgages?

Aside from comparing monthly repayments, you’ll need to consider fees and interest rates. Our experts can look at the options for you, based on your own requirements, to help you find the best deal.

What is a remortgage?

When you come to the end of your initial mortgage term, you’re automatically put on a standard variable rate (SVR). This can be far more expensive than other options available to you, which is why it’s important to see if remortgaging (switching to a new mortgage) can save you money.

* Data based on customers remortgaging with additional borrowing for consolidation purposes. Average reduction in outgoings was £626.88 per month for remortgages arranged through Ocean Finance between May 19 to April 20.

**Conditions and Restrictions apply, see and our T&Cs.

When does your current mortgage deal end?

Email me a reminder towards the end of my current mortgage deal. For more information on how we use your data please see our privacy policy.