Your week-by-week moving guide! Part 3


Your week-by-week moving guide! Part 3

Okay, now we’re up to what you should be doing 5-6 weeks before you move and it’s time to get busy with some of the important paperwork you need to get done. Starting with conveyancing.

Get a conveyancer and your survey done – if you haven’t already done so, this is the time you should be appointing your conveyancer, this is the person who’ll be dealing with all the legal aspects of your move once your offer’s been accepted. You can choose a conveyancer from a list of those available in the UK through the CLC, the regulatory body for the conveyancing profession in the UK.  Whilst your mortgage lender will sort the valuation of the property if you want to get a Homebuyers Report or a full structural survey done now is the time.  This is important because you don’t want any nasty surprises when you move in – and if it does show up some nasty surprises you don’t think you can deal with, you can walk away. You can find a surveyor on the Chartered Institute of Surveyors website.    

Check your insurances – Check your life insurance policies to make sure that you have enough cover in place bearing in mind the likely size of your new mortgage.  If you haven’t it’s a good idea to get some financial advice to ensure that you have appropriate cover in place. Plus you need to organise building insurance and ensure that it is in place for when you exchange contracts.  You’ll also need contents insurance in place from the day you move in.

Get your moving company sorted – shop around your local moving firms for quotes. Before you start, it’s worth noting down all your major items of furniture, or anything you think will need special attention, or extra packing, as many will want to know what you’ve got, in order to offer you a quote. Also remember that the floor you live on, whether there’s a lift, ease of access will all be important factors in what quote you’re given.  If you are planning on moving yourself it’s time to look for vans to hire (or borrow if you can) and line up your mates to help.

Mail redirects – Now is the time to find out about getting your mail redirected, how much it costs, how you go about it, how long it lasts for and so on. You might also want to plan how you’re going to inform those who need to know about your move.   Are you going for the traditional moving cards, or just send out an email?

Find out about changing over services and utilities – now’s also a good time to find out what energy and service tariffs are available for your new property. Think about your internet, gas, electricity, TV or any other service you currently have – even down to your gardener or window cleaner, if you have them. Giving yourself lots of time to shop around means you can have a really good look at the deals on offer and choose the best ones to suit you.  

Next week will be the final part in this series – what you should be doing in the final run-up to your move.

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