Would you use a selfie to make online payments?


Would you use a selfie to make online payments?

Mastercard has just launched its Identity Check Mobile technology, enabling people in 12 countries to use a selfie to shop online. The new software will permit ‘selfies’ and fingerprint recognition as an alternative to passwords when verifying IDs for online payments.

Mastercard first tested the technology in the US, Canada and the Netherlands, where 92% of users said they preferred the new system to existing password security checks. The credit card company has now rolled out the technology to a further 12 countries including the UK, Spain and Germany.

To use the new tool, Mastercard customers must download the new Identity Check Mobile app and then set up payments for face recognition. Users would then need to take a ‘selfie’ on their phone or tablet and upload it on to the Mastercard app. This creates a digital map of their face, to be stored as a reference ready to be used as and when needed.

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How secure is this?

Some security experts think that the facial recognition checks will increase security and may even reduce the risk of fraud. Others feel that it may not be as secure as the current password protected system.

Should I use a ‘selfie’ to make online payments?

As this system has only just been released, no one is fully aware how secure it is. When it comes to your financial security, it doesn’t hurt to be over cautious. Do what you feel comfortable and protected with.