Would you live in a house like this?


Would you live in a house like this?

We all like different things, and it’d be really boring if we didn’t. But sometimes, when you see the places some people choose to live in, it does make you wonder how they do it! Across the pond they’re going mad over tiny homes at the minute and apparently it’s becoming somewhat of a ‘movement’, so we’re going to take a look at some of the more unusual places people call home.

Now we’re not saying you should sell up and live in one of them, but these quirky unusual options can be much cheaper than buying a traditional home, so maybe it’s something you could at least consider as an alternative, even if just for a conversation around the table!

On-the-water homes – Shelter recently reported that house boats are among the few affordable homes in London for those on an average wage but you can find them for sale across the country. If you fancy being gently bobbed to sleep, a houseboat is right up your street, or should that be canal? Anyway, this little gem is just under £40,000. And, when you feel like moving, well, you just cast off and away you go.

Tiny little homes – if you fancy throwing off the shackles of owning ‘things’, or you’re a wannabe minimalist, you may want to ditch all your stuff and move into this tiny little place. Oh and you’ll need to be a flat-pack-king to put it up. But, seeing as its only £6500 to buy, a bit of time spent trying to work out instructions seems a good exchange. You’ll have to make sure you’re tidy – there’s no room for mess!

Ecologically friendly home – if you like being green and you have a little more money to spend, this eco home, which includes a shower and integrated kitchen the latest infrared heaters, will set you back £50,000. Not quite as cheap as other options, but it does incorporate the latest hi-tech kit to make it super-eco! And your brownie earth-saving brownie points will be stacked up in no time.   

Traditionally built homes – this is a cob house built from clay, straw and sandy soil in a traditional way that, if done properly, will last for years and years. The oldest one is estimated to be over 10,000 years old, so should be long enough for you and your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s children, and your grand… you get the point. And this one cost only £150! You half expect Bilbo Baggins to come strolling out any minute.

Repurposed homes – you’d be surprised what you can turn into a home. Look at this. What do you think it’s made of? Would you believe it’s a shipping container? Yes, one of those things that’s usually on the back of a lorry choc a block with lovely things from exotic places. But, with a bit of work you can create something as wonderful as this with them. 

Containers Direct will even do the conversion to living accommodation for you!

Up-high homes – get as near to nature as you can in a tree house. Come on… who doesn’t love a treehouse? So, how cool would it be to love in one! Very cool, that’s how cool. And this one was built with a lot of recycled materials, to keep the cost as low as possible.