Where can I find free online courses?

Where can I find free online courses?

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

Are you looking to learn a new skill or change your career? There are plenty of online learning resources where you can learn for free.

1. National Careers Service  

National Careers Service is a government resource that provides online learning under their ‘Skills Toolkit’. You can learn skills that apply to every sector, or you can take a course designed for a specific industry. Subjects covered are 

  • practical maths 
  • computer essentials  
  • personal growth and well-being  
  • professional development  
  • business and finance  
  • digital design and marketing  
  • computer science  
  • coding. 

Some subjects have more courses available than others. Computer science has the most online learning with 19 courses available.  

Under each of these course titles you’ll find brief overview that explains: 

  • what you’ll learn 
  • whether you’ll get a certificate 
  • how long it’ll take to complete 
  • the type of study 
  • what jobs the course could lead to.  

Courses range from 25 minutes to 48 hours in length.  

2. Free Courses Online  

Free Courses Online - funded by the UK government - provides access to over 50 free different courses 

By selecting the ‘Course Finder’ button on their home page, you’ll be prompted to answer a few questions. After you answer these questions, they’ll send you a list of the courses that are suitable for you.   

Here you’ll find courses that fall under the following categories:  

  • mental health  
  • business 
  • health and social care  
  • digital 

 All these courses are done online. Most courses take six weeks to complete - apart from the Mental Health First Aid course, which only takes 3 weeks. 

When you complete a course, you’ll receive a nationally recognized qualification.  

3. Reed  

Reed is an online platform that advertises over 180 free online courses. You can also find discounted courses from different universities 

They have a broad range of courses available for many different sectors. A few examples of courses on offer are: 

  • HR fundamentals  
  • nutrition  
  • forensic psychology  
  • caring for children  
  • end of life care  
  • cleaning principles.

Most courses range between three and 10 weeks long.  You’ll also be able to see if tutor support is included and if you get a certificate at the end.  

Other online resources   

You're not just limited to these three sites. Other resources where you can do free online learning are:   

  • Coursera – partners with universities such as Imperial College London and offer over 3000 free courses on a wide range of subjects.  
  • EdX – partners with universities such as Harvard and MIT and offer over 2500 free courses on a wide range of subjects.  
  • Udemy – has over 100,000 available and a large number of those are free.  
  • LinkedIn – if you're a subscriber you’ll have access to LinkedIn’s online learning platform which offers a wide selection of short courses.  

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Where can I find free online courses? Where can I find free online courses?