What is Cyber Monday?

What is Cyber Monday?

author: Jimmy Coultas

By Jimmy Coultas

Whilst Black Friday might seem like a new invention, the practice of discounting products on what is usually the final payday before Christmas stretches back to the 1980s.

A much newer phenomenon, however, is Cyber Monday, which didn’t come into prominence until 2005.

The phrase was coined by an emerging trend of the date being busy for online retailers, but primarily to promote online sales when internet shopping was still a fledgling thing (make you feel old?). It’s since gone onto to become just as big a deal, even eclipsing online sales of Black Friday in the America during 2017.

It’s officially classed as the Monday after the American holiday of Thanksgiving (which is always on the fourth Thursday of November), dropping between 26th November and 2nd December. 

This means that Black Friday kick-starts a four day shopping weekend, ending with Cyber Monday. The same deals are usually available throughout the whole four days. 

What's the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The most obvious is that Cyber Monday is, by its very name, is focused on online trading. 

It also tends to be much more of a steadfast day as well. Whilst Black Friday offers have been known to start as early as the beginning of November, Cyber Monday is a 24-hour blitz which usually brings the discount period to a close.

Cyber Monday tends to be for smaller purchases

As a rule of thumb, retailers tend to offer discounts on big ticket products on Black Friday. These are goods that cost more, so bigger value white goods, cars, jewellery or anything with a price close to or exceeding four figures.

Because of this focus on these products for Black Friday, Cyber Monday has traditionally gone for smaller value items. Fashion retailers tend to gravitate towards Cyber Monday as well, offering site-wide discounts. For that reason, you may be more likely to snaffle a bargain on toys, smaller gifts and so on.

Most people do both

That said, whilst you will be hard-pressed to find a bricks and mortar retailer running Cyber Monday deals in-store, pretty much all online retailers will participate in both. With these, it’s difficult to predict what difference, if any, will be made on the good and discounts available.

Black Friday might have an impact as well on the choice on offer. A successful Black Friday campaign for those retailers could mean fewer discounts, an unsuccessful one more. The reality is more than likely there will be an abundance of offers available for both.

Should I wait for Cyber Monday?

Black Friday has become such a big thing now that getting the most bang for your buck is an art. And Cyber Monday is almost like the final bite of the discount cherry; the last time you can get the most for your money.

We’ve rounded up the best tips for handling Black Friday like a pro, and really you should be incorporating the same policies for the way you approach on Cyber Monday. If you plan and organise your spending to a point where you know what a good bargain is for something that you need, then you should make that purchase whenever it is.

So even if it’s before Black Friday, let alone Cyber Monday. There’s no guarantee that waiting for bigger discounts on either day will reward you, so for great deals on things you need it’s always a better shout to strike fast to make sure you don’t avoid disappointment at a later date.

If you’ve not spotted a good enough deal though then stay patient and diligent, and the chances Cyber Monday should reward you. Good luck bargain hunting!

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author: Jimmy Coultas

By Jimmy Coultas

What is Cyber Monday? What is Cyber Monday?