What do you do with that spare room once your kids have moved out?

What do you do with that spare room once your kids have moved out?

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate


If your kids have left home, you might be wondering what to do with the spare room. Here are some ideas!

A studio or hobby room

If you like crafting, knitting, sewing or any hobby that requires space, your kiddie’s old room could become your arty-oasis. All you’ll need is a table, a fold away one is a good idea, like those used by decorators, so you can make the space bigger if you need to. And some Ikea-style storage units like these, with sturdy boxes in will keep your clutter at bay.    

A reading room

This is like a mini library, after-all most people will not have enough books to call it a library, so reading room is a good second choice name. If you fancy trying DIY bookshelves, here are 25 Awesome DIY ideas for bookshelves

A music room

Don’t really need anything in a music room, apart from a comfy place to sit and play. Perhaps you might like to soundproof the room a bit too, if your practice is loud. This can be done really easily with some simple adjustments that help absorb the sound waves, like fitting carpets with underlay instead of having wooden floors and putting up material wall hangings. Or, if you think the noise may cause an issue late at night or by being excessively loud, you could invest in more professional soundproofing, like these people provide. But this is expensive, so only invest if you really, really need it!

A games room

If you or your other half are gamers, this could be a godsend for those who are not so keen. Use freecycle, gumtree or charity shops to pick up a free or cheap sofa, then send the gamer off up to the games room where they can play to their hearts content without disturbing anyone else or hogging the TV. And, don’t forget, it can also be a place for ‘real’ games, like pool or darts too.

A home gym

This is a great use of an offspring’s old room, keeping you fit and saving you money if you’re currently paying for gym membership. Kitting yourself out with some basic gym equipment doesn’t cost the earth and, if you learn how to do bodyweight exercises, you’ll probably only need a decent bench to do step-ups or something like that.  

Storage space

If there’s really nothing else you fancy doing with the spare room, or you have loads of stuff you’ve nowhere else for, why not install some storage cupboards and stow away stuff you don’t use, but don’t want to throw out just yet? There are lots and lots of choices available from places like Argo and Ikea. 

Dressing room

Gosh, how I’d like enough clothes and shoes to warrant a dressing room. If you do, the spare room can become your own personal dressing area. Even if you don’t have loads of clothes, having a space to store your winter coats, spare shoes and holiday stuff can come in really handy. And, if you just happen to find a lovely mirror that would make it into a ‘dressing room’, like this lovely full-length cheval mirror, great!

If you have more cash to spend, you could invest in a proper dressing room mirror with lights and everything, like this Hollywood Make-up Dressing room mirror.  It’s got dimmable lights too, don’t you know! Then all you need are some fabulous vintage wardrobes, which you can pick up from charity shops like The British Heart Foundation. Or some cheap and cheerful canvas storage units, like these from Argos

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author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

What do you do with that spare room once your kids have moved out? What do you do with that spare room once your kids have moved out?