Valentine’s Day Alternatives

Valentine’s Day Alternatives

author: HaylexCox

By HaylexCox


‘Good Valentine, be kind to me. In dreams let me my true love see.’

Valentine’s Day can be so predictable – a bunch of red roses, some choccies and a bottle of bubbly are pretty standard fayre. But, what if you fancy something a little different? What if you want to sweep your other half off their feet, quite literally?

Well, we have the answer. Below are some of the more unusual pressies we can find. But, be warned, some people don’t like things that are ‘out-of-the-ordinary’, so our advice – choose wisely!  

Go non-traditional

Instead of buying the usual stuff you see in the shops for your Valentine, why don’t you make something instead? Your loved one will appreciate the fact that you’ve put so much time and energy into it, even it if turns out a bit rubbish. If you’re not that adventurous or you don’t make things that often, perhaps a card will be enough of a challenge. But, if you fancy tackling something more difficult, these love-note cushions are to die for. And this upcycled dolls house calendar can be a wonderful trinket holder after it’s been the most romantic house ever.

Get hot and sweaty

Get all hot and sweaty doing something like Go Ape. Go on, admit it – you thought we were talking about something else, didn’t you? But, we’re referring to the kind of hot and sweaty you’ll get if you choose to swing through the trees like Tarzan and Jane for an afternoon. Now, this might seem like an odd thing to do for Valentine’s Day, and it may be something you attempt once you know your other half quite well, but it’ll certainly be fun and you could just get to see sides of each other you never know existed.    

Be a tourist

It may sound a bit silly, but why not become tourists in your own town for a day. Many people come from beautiful places that have loads to do and see. But, because you live there, you don’t really do those things. So, go and find a hidden gem or just do what all the other tourists do. But make it a little bit special by planning the day. Either pack a romantic picnic or book a special lunch somewhere romantic and secluded.


If you want to do something memorable, volunteering together for the day would be a good choice. If nothing else, you’ll have the warm glow of giving at the end of it. And there are lots of people and organisations that welcome some extra help. Have a look at Gumtree for local volunteering notices, like this one asking for people to help newly arrived citizens improve their English skills. You could also offer your services at a local soup kitchen or community garden for the day. To find out who needs help in your area use Do-It – Volunteering Made Easy.  

Take a class

There are literally loads and loads of classes you can take, so there’s bound to be something you think your other half might like to have a go at. What you choose depends on your:

a. budget – classes vary in cost, with some as cheap as free. Yes really! On Gumtree we found a drama class in Salford that’s two hours per week and costs nothing. At the other end of the scale, you could splash out on a skiing or snowboarding class at an indoor ski centre.  

b. other half’s interests – plunge them into their most favourite thing for the day. It’ll show them that you listen, that you’re interested and that you’re willing to try things that they like. Trust us –  they’ll love it.

c. your interests – you could use the opportunity to show your partner the things that you love the most. It’ll help them understand you better, as they step into your world for a day.

d. new interest – you could use it as a chance to try out something you think you might like to do together. Get yourself off to a magic class and you never know, you could become the next Paul Daniels and Debbie Mcgee.

If you want to be super-slushy, you could find a class where you make something, like pottery, and give it to your other half, or both have an input so it’s a joint creation. All together now… ahhhh!

Now, there’s no excuse for giving the same boring stuff.

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author: HaylexCox

By HaylexCox

Valentine’s Day Alternatives Valentine’s Day Alternatives