The UK is crowded with angry car drivers


The UK is crowded with angry car drivers

From verbal cursing to explicit hand gestures, most drivers have lost their temper behind the wheel at some point. 

While one in seven motorists rarely rise to careless drivers, the majority of drivers admit they do react. Research conducted on behalf of Ocean shows that 30 million UK drivers are left livid at least once a week after encountering someone who irritates them on the road.

For three in 10 (29%) car drivers, irritations behind the wheel are far more frequent too, leaving them raging on the roads every day.  

For 13.2 million Brits, people tailgating and not indicating are the most annoying traits of fellow drivers, with people who use their mobile phone while driving a close third.

Other peeves expressed in our survey include: parking on pavements; hogging the middle lane on the motorway; leaving brake lights on while stationary; putting cyclists at risk; not giving way; speeding up and/or slowing down for no reason; overtaking in town centres; not positioning correctly before turning and driving with broken lights.

When faced with motorists who display careless, bad driving habits, just over one third (36%) of Brits manage to remain unruffled and don’t react at all. 18 to 24-year-olds are least likely to keep their cool and 55+ year-olds are most likely to stay composed.

However, eight million car drivers resort to verbally swearing to release their rage, and 4.5 million use hand gestures to vent their frustration.

Other angry reactions demonstrated by motorists include taking over the driver that miffs them and following the car in question until it stops so they can tell the driver off – 18 to 24-year olds are twice as likely to take this route as any other age group.

With just over three in 10 (31%) Brits caught up in an incident as a result of someone driving dangerously, the consequences of careless driving habits are rife.

While eight million of these were fortunate enough to get away with just a minor accident, 2.5 million motorists were involved in a major collision.

*Red Dot questioned a nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults aged 18 and over between 14th March 2016 – 17th March 2016, of whom 636 were Scottish residents. Figures have been extrapolated to fit ONS 2013 population projections of 50,371,000 UK adults.