The 5 most unusual things bought and sold online

The 5 most unusual things bought and sold online

author: HaylexCox

By HaylexCox


Ever felt like you’d love to live someone else’s life, or maybe have an imaginary friend to keep you company?

Well, with internet auction sites like ebay being so popular these days, you can pretty much buy or sell anything you like! Here’s our list of 5 of the weirdest items ever bought or sold online.

1. A life

Some might say it was a bit of a midlife crisis, but Ian Usher came out on top after selling his whole life on ebay when his wife left him after 6 years of marriage. He sold his car and his 3-bedroom home in Australia, plus all of its contents, which included a motor bike and jet-ski. The buyer also got a trial period in his former job and an introduction to his friends … not bad for £192,000! 

Someone snapped the offer up and with the proceeds, Ian embarked on a 2-year adventure; travelling to different countries with nothing but a list of things he wanted to achieve, including learning to fly and playing a bit part in a Hollywood movie. It turned into a fairy-tale story when he found love again and bought a deserted island in the Caribbean to live on. It’ll be no surprise to hear that the rights to his story have now been bought by Disney!

2. ‘Virgin Mary’ toastie

A toasted cheese sandwich was sold on ebay for a whopping £18,000 in 2004! It was sold by its owner, Diane Duyser, who made the sandwich 10 years previously and, after taking one bite, recognised the face peering back at her as the mother of God. She kept the snack and for some reason the sandwich never went mouldy despite only storing it in a plastic box – Diane believed this was down to its holy nature. It became such a popular item that there are t-shirts, ornamental plates and even replicas available on the web - this humble cheese toastie became part of pop culture for a while! 

It was bought by internet casino, who planned to use the sandwich to raise money for charity by putting it on display. Its whereabouts in 2014 is unknown, however there have been many cases of people trying to make a quick buck through ‘miraculous’ images on edible items since.

3. An imaginary friend

OK, so this one didn’t actually sell, but Georgia Horrocks from London put her imaginary friend, Bernard, up for sale on ebay with a starting bid of just 99p. Georgia said: “My psychiatrist recommended that I say goodbye to Bernard and although I would like some financial compensation it is more important that he finds a good home.”

She hoped she’d get as much as £200, but ebay pulled the plug before anyone could buy him because it was against its policy not to offer customers intangible items.

4. A town

A small town in California was first put up on ebay’s real estate website in 2002. Bridgeville was originally bought for $1.77 million (£1.12 million), but the buyer quickly backed out of the deal. Businessman Bruce Krall offered $700,000 for it soon after, which was accepted, however he didn’t own the town for long either. It went back up on ebay in 2006 for $1.75 million, and was purchased by LA-based entertainment manager and college student Daniel Thomas La Paille for $1.25 million.

It wasn’t long until it was put back on the website once more after La Paille’s death in 2007. That was the third time the town had been listed in 5 years! It’s still owned by the La Paille family, but with its history, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear of it being listed for a fourth time on ebay in the future!

5. A football allegiance

Ian Charters put his seven-month-old son Eddie’s football team allegiance up for auction in 2014. Living in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, there were two obvious choices – Manchester City or Manchester United – and as part of the deal, Ian would take little Eddie to matches and buy him a shirt.

As he wasn’t local and didn’t have a preference over either team, he decided to let other people do the hard job for him, with all of the proceeds going to charity.

After 14 bids from seven people, an un-named man asked Ian whether he would accept bids for his local team, Stockport County. Ian agreed and the County fan paid £190 to close the auction. 

Disclaimer: All information and links are correct at the time of publishing.

author: HaylexCox

By HaylexCox

The 5 most unusual things bought and sold online The 5 most unusual things bought and sold online