Something Borrowed, Something Blue campaign


Something Borrowed, Something Blue campaign

Personal loans are quite often used to fund part of the cost of weddings and, with the average wedding now coming in at well over £20k, it’s easy to see why!

If you’re currently planning your big day then you might want to check out our complete survival guide to getting married >

Already married?

We’ve decided to get into the wedding mood during peak wedding season and are looking for bloggers to reminisce about their wedding day.

We’d like each blogger to publish a blog describing three special memories from their big day and, more importantly, a tip that would help someone who is currently planning their big day to help keep their costs down.

Want to take part?

To reserve your place email us at: Once we’ve confirmed your place we’ll send you a £50 Restaurant Choice Voucher so you can enjoy a romantic meal with your loved one as a thank you for taking part in the campaign.

If there are no places left by the time you apply, don’t despair as we’re constantly running blogger campaigns so you might be able to get involved in a future campaign instead.