Renée Zellweger’s New York apartments


Renée Zellweger’s New York apartments

In 2007, Renée bought an apartment in the 1913 townhouse building of East 82nd Street at Madison Avenue. She bought her neighbouring apartment a year later.

Renée’s first apartment had originally been three apartments, so had an interesting layout. It had three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, its own library, two lounges and a sunroom. Because of its 13-foot ceilings, its windows were huge and flooded the rooms with light.

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When Renée bought her second apartment, many people thought she would knock through and make one huge apartment but she didn’t. She decorated the second apartment in a slightly grander style and it was perfect for any guests to stay in. It had a pool table, baby grand piano and an antique victrola.

The lounge area had green walls and red chesterfield-style couches. Dulux’s Jurassic Stone emulsion is very close to the shade of Renée’s walls. has a three-seater red fabric chesterfield for £792.07 or you could search on gumtree or ebay for a second-hand suite.

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The star put both apartments up for sale in November 2010 for $8.95 million and sold them in March 2011 to Deep Impact actress Leelee Sobieski for an undisclosed amount. The media reported that Renée had chosen to leave New York to move to Los Angeles and be closer to her then boyfriend, The Hangover actor, Bradley Cooper.