Ocean’s cake wonder or cake blunder competition week 7!

Ocean’s cake wonder or cake blunder competition week 7!

author: Sarah Symons

By Sarah Symons

Oh how we’ve loved seeing your wonderful cakes over the last few weeks… we only wish we’d been able to taste them!

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If you haven’t been participating, you’ve been missing out.  Each week we’ve been picking two winners to win £20 Lakeland vouchers each, and we’ve got spot prizes to give away too. If you’ve not yet taken part, maybe this week’s cake will be the one to tempt you – funfetti cake!

Funfetti cake is a colourful sponge cake that looks out of this world – and tastes pretty incredible too. This week, we want you to have a go at baking your own funfetti cake and if you can give it a Glastonbury twist then even better as the UK’s biggest music festival kicks off on Wednesday. Are you up for the challenge? We certainly hope so.

We’re giving you until midnight on Sunday to enter, so you’ve got time to head to your local supermarket and pick up some hundreds and thousands, the cake’s most essential ingredient!

So what do you need? Well, the ingredients are pretty straightforward so you’ll probably have most of them in your cupboard already.

You’ll need:

For the sponge:

225g softened butter or margarine

225g caster sugar

4 medium eggs

225g self-raising flour

1tsp vanilla extract

6tbsp of hundreds and thousands

For the buttercream frosting:

50g softened butter

200g icing sugar

2tbsp milk

Extra hundreds and thousands to decorate


1. Preheat your oven to 350°F/180°C/Fan 160°C/gas Mark 4. Grease two sandwich tins and line them with baking parchment.

2. Mix together the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl.

3. Add an egg to the mixture and mix. Add a quarter of the flour and mix. Repeat this three times.

4. Fold through the 6 tbsp of hundreds and thousands and pour the mix into your sandwich tins.

5. Bake for 30mins or until fully cooked.

6. Leave to cool on a wire rack while you prepare the topping.

7. Using another mixing bowl, beat the butter until smooth and add the icing sugar and the milk gradually.

8. Beat the mixture for a good five minutes.

9. Once the sponges have completely cooled add the buttercream to the top of each and stack. You can add extra sprinkles to the top if you wish.

Once your creation is ready, take a pic and upload it to either our Facebook or Twitter page, with the hashtag #cakewonder or #cakeblunder, and we’ll announce the winners next week. Good and bad efforts are all welcome – we’ve got prizes for both!

Next week…

We’ll be announcing a new cake next Monday, so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, have a look at our cake off competition here.

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Image credit: The Pancake Princess

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author: Sarah Symons

By Sarah Symons

Ocean’s cake wonder or cake blunder competition week 7! Ocean’s cake wonder or cake blunder competition week 7!