Making the most of your spare space – Part 3 – three ways to transform your cellar!


Making the most of your spare space – Part 3 – three ways to transform your cellar!

Last week we talked about lofts, and this week it’s cellars.

Hands-up who’s got a cellar? Yeah, we bet there are quite a few of you out there. Now, hands-up those who have actually done something with it? Hmm… yes, as we thought, there are lots of you with valuable extra space that’s not being utilised to its fullest potential. So, how do you turn that damp, dark dumping ground for rubbish into a space that you actually want to use? Here are four transformation ideas that’ll make the most of your cellar space, while keeping a tight hold on the budget.

Option 1

Second lounge/dining area – as your basement is near to the ground floor and the ground floor is usually used for living areas, rather than sleeping areas like the loft is, it’s a good idea is to make yourself a spare living area. This can then double up as a dining area and, if you get a sofa bed, a spare bed-room for guests too. So, multi-purpose really. You could also think of moving such things as the boiler, or maybe your downstairs lav down there too, just to free up room on the ground floor for other things.  

Option 2

Gym – this is a quick way to transform your cellar as you can pretty much leave the ceiling and walls as they are – exposed brick is very trendy at the moment. Add a floor covering, something like an old off-cut of carpet would do the trick, a mirror or two, if you like looking at yourself while you’re pumping iron, and your favourite gym equipment and you’re good to go!  You can pick up an old roll-end of carpet or an off-cut of vinyl from Burts Carpet Remnants, or visit your local carpet shop to see what they have on offer. Gym equipment can be expensive, so it’d good to see if you can the equipment you want second-hand too! Try Preloved, Gumtree for cheap stuff and Freecycle for free stuff.   

Option 3

Games room – this can either be for your kids, for your other half, yourself, or all of you if you have a shared hobby. Again, you needn’t go overboard with the decoration if it’s just for gaming, especially if it’s just for the kids. That way they can mess it up while they play without feeling like they’ll be in trouble! To complete a transformation into a games room, you’ll need a sofa and telly for them to rig up their games console of choice, a snooker table, darts board, a sofa and a games console – that should keep ‘em happy for a good while. You can pick-up pre-loved games consoles at places like Cash Generator. Good quality second-hand furniture can found at the British Heart Foundation and carpet remnants can be found, at up to 70% less than the shop floor price, at Burts Carpet Remnants.  If you’re after a snooker or pool table, getting a refurbished one from a place, like this, will cut on the cost considerably. And if you really want to go all out, how about an indoor skate park and climbing wall like this? Amazing! 

So there you have it – three great ways to transform your cellar from a dumping ground to a useable space. Which one will you choose?