ICO: a statement from Ocean Finance


ICO: a statement from Ocean Finance

“We are sorry that a very small minority of consumers found our SMS marketing for the Ocean Credit Card last year unwelcome.  The number of complaints made to the ICO represented 0.04% of the recipients of these marketing messages.

“Our marketing campaign used data that we had purchased from a well-known provider of marketing data.  We conducted extensive and thorough initial and ongoing due diligence with the provider before proceeding and we received written and contractual assurances that the data we purchased had the valid consent in line with applicable laws and regulations.  We believe that we took all reasonable steps to ensure that the data we used was compliant with all the applicable laws and regulations – which is why we are considering appealing the ICO’s decision.

“We have fully co-operated with the ICO throughout this process, which the ICO has acknowledged. 

“We remain determined to operate at all times within both the spirit and the letter of the law and regulations.”