How to plan the perfect dinner party


How to plan the perfect dinner party

Do you enjoy watching the popular TV programme Come Dine with Me®? Well, we here at Ocean do – but not just for the wacky guests or hilarious narration from Dave Lamb, but because it inspires us to hold dinner parties of our own.

Research conducted by us revealed that our dining rooms see less action than any other room in our homes, which is a real shame. We want to help the nation’s dining rooms fall back in favour by encouraging people to host a dinner party for their friends or family members.

Each blogger taking part in this campaign has to stick to a limit of £50, invite a few mates or loved ones round and document their night for us on their blog. We’ll feature each post on our interactive map: 

For ideas on what food to serve, how to entertain your guests and how to decorate your home for your dinner party, check back to the map soon. As each blogger holds their very own Come Dine with Me® inspired night, we’ll update the map so that you can read all about their experiences.

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*Come Dine with Me® is a trademark of Channel Four Television Corporation which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this challenge.

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