How much is your Mum worth?


How much is your Mum worth?

You can’t put a value on all of the life advice your mum’s given you, or all of the times she’s known exactly what to do in a crisis. She does so much for you: counsellor, cleaner, chef, and carer. But what if you had to pay someone to do all of those jobs for you? How much would you have to cough up to get all of the services your mum offers for free?

We added up the average number of hours mums spend every year doing jobs for you – from driving you to school to looking after the pets – and worked out the average salaries for these. With around £8,714 a year as a chef, £2,720 as a nurse whenever you’re sick, and £750 to coach you for various activities and sports, Mum’s annual salary comes out a huge £50,000! And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we think it’s the perfect time to make it up to her.

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Check out the stats below to find out just how much the job of a mum is worth, and how you can pay her back:


We also spoke to 25 real mums about what they think of motherhood, including all the moments of joy their little darlings give them. It’s sometimes said that ‘out of the mouths of babes oft times come gems’ and that’s certainly true for the children of our real mums! Rebecca from parenting blog Futures told us that the funniest thing her son said to her was: “He has recently taken to bowing and saying Your Majesty whenever he goes to bed. When asked about it, he said it was from Ben & Holly. Maybe I should stop him watching it so much!” Caroline, the blogger behind Notes From Caroline said of her little boy: “He's only just talking, so the saying 'oh dear' when he does something naughty or mischievous can be cute!” Vicki from Lifestyle Maven said her son asked her: “Mum, did you come out of someone's tummy or did you grow out of the ground?”

However, as well as funny memories, our real mums told us about the truly special times they’ll always remember too. Laura from Chatterbox Mummy said that one of her happiest memories was “hearing my daughter say ‘mama’ for the first time!” while Nina from While Oscar was Sleeping said “every little thing he does becomes a happy memory.” Lauren from Belle Du Brighton said the best memories with her daughter were “definitely bath times.” Emma from wedding blog The Promise said her happiest memory was a “simple family picnic on the lush lawns of our local country house. Sun shining, lots of giggles and a relaxing time watching the kids roll and play on the grass.”

But what do our mums think it’s actually like to have children – hard work or all fun? Clare from Emmy’s Mummy said that being a mum is “amazing and fulfilling, the best feeling in the world”, while Tara from Sticky Fingers says it’s “the most infuriating, challenging, draining, amazing experience.” Caroline from No More Frizzy Hair Days described it as “pretty much like having every job going: photographer, cleaner, event planner and more.”

†We questioned 25 real mums to find out their view on motherhood.

*Actual figure £49,806.66

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