Hosting family at Christmas

Hosting family at Christmas

author: Dan Griffiths

By Dan Griffiths

It’s almost that time of year again –as the days get noticeably shorter and the air begins to feel bitter: Christmas is fast approaching.

Whether you consider yourself a bit of a giddy Christmas elf or you’ve got a little hint of Scrooge in your bones, for many of us the festive season really is a time to come together and spend some precious time with family and friends.

Making the most of your space

It goes without saying that having family and friends to stay at Christmas can sometimes be difficult and a little bit stressful. After years of tension and tripping over suitcases filled to the brim, putting some thought into making home improvements might be a suitable long-term solution to your Christmas woes. However, there may be some quick, cost-effective fixes to help you make the most of your existing space if time is short.

Move any unessential furniture to another room

Have you got a large coffee table that takes up quite a bit of room in your lounge? Bulky pieces of furniture like this that take up large amounts of space should be shifted to another room if possible, preferably to one that won’t get used much while your guests are staying.

Invest in a collapsible dining table

If you’re struggling for room during the Christmas period, you could consider switching your dining room table out for a collapsible alternative. With this, you can free up some valuable space once you’re done with the meal.  

Utilise your outside space

If you’re brave (and hardy), you could consider purchasing a fire pit and setting a few chairs outside to relieve some of the pressure from having all your guests indoors at one time. Although it’s probably going to be quite cold, having marshmallows toasting on a fire and a mug of comforting hot chocolate will likely warm both you and your guests up. What’s more, it’s a great way to add some festive fun into your guests’ stay.

Consider home improvements

But if you’re in a situation where you’re looking for a longer-term solution to hosting your loved ones at Christmas, you might be exploring some home improvement options.

If extra space is your number one priority, building an extension to your property might just give it a new lease of life, and all the while creating some valuable space for you and your family. Whether you decide to extend your kitchen/dining area, build a spare room or get yourself an extra bathroom, building an extension could be the perfect solution.

Another cheaper alternative could be to knock down a dividing wall between your kitchen and dining room. This will create a roomy, open-plan space that may free up some room for you and your family to share at Christmas time.

Ocean offers cheap low cost loan options suitable for putting towards home improvements like these, and they could help you to afford to be able to make some extra room for hosting family at Christmas.

Although it might not be December just yet, building an extension or even knocking a wall through will be a push if you aim for it to be done by this Christmas. But, you could always consider redecorating your living room or a spare bedroom to create a cosier atmosphere for your guests when they do come to stay this year. 

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author: Dan Griffiths

By Dan Griffiths

Hosting family at Christmas Hosting family at Christmas