Haunted houses: what to avoid when buying property

Haunted houses: what to avoid when buying property

author: Emily Bancroft

By Emily Bancroft

It seems that the British house buying public are much less superstitious than we thought.

According to research from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, two-thirds of those questioned said they wouldn’t be put off from buying a house if they found out it had a history of hauntings.

6% even said that they’d be more likely to take a look at a property if they thought it had a resident ghost. The research showed that just 20% of people would pull out of the purchase of a house with a spirit, with 12% saying that if they discovered their home had a spooky presence they’d move out.

While being put off buying by things that go bump in the night might seem a bit much, there are certainly some things that should make your hair stand on end when you’re looking at properties. Let’s take a look at what should make you run away screaming when you’re considering whether to buy a house or not.

Frightful foundations 

If there’s anything wrong with the foundations of the house, this should cause you to get seriously spooked out. It could subside in the future and mean plumbing, flooring or window repairs. Problems like this should show up in a good survey so make sure you pay for one to avoid being caught out.

Problems with plants

We’re not talking about triffids or man-eating plants here – the plant you should be scared of is Japanese knotweed. It can destroy the structure of your house and cut thousands off its value, so check if there are any problems like this before you consider buying.

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Unusual builds 

Thatched roofs, timber frames or concrete walls all cause properties to be classed as ‘non-standard’. This might not scare you away from buying but it could mean your home insurance will be higher, and it might be harder to find a mortgage lender, so factor this into your costs.

Damp or mould 

You might think that feeling a cold presence in the air could be a sign of a ghostly tenant but the real reason could be a lot more mundane. Any damp, mould or dry rot should be noted as they could cause big bills in the future. As we’ve already mentioned, a quality survey will pick problems like this up.

Chilling crimes

The area a property is located in is definitely something to think about. A high crime rate could mean your home insurance will be more expensive, so don’t let this come as a shock. Try typing the postcode into the Crime Statistics checker, or do some research to find out if there’s a lot of anti-social behaviour in the area.

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author: Emily Bancroft

By Emily Bancroft

Haunted houses: what to avoid when buying property Haunted houses: what to avoid when buying property