Free credit report service ClearScore launches app


Free credit report service ClearScore launches app

If you’re the kind of person who likes to check your credit report every month or even more frequently, you’re in luck – the free credit report service ClearScore has launched an app.

The app is also free to download and use, meaning you’ll be able to check your credit report as often as want, when you’re out and about. It’s really useful as you’ll be able to get all of the functionality that the ClearScore website offers so you’ll be able to track how well your credit history is doing, and see what you need to do to improve it.

Report on the go

The ClearScore app has a simple and easy-to-use design, just like the website version. If you’ve not already signed up online, it’s a good idea to have all of your financial information in front of you before you apply as some of the questions can be a bit in-depth. For example, you could be asked who you opened an account with on a certain date – if you’ve made a lot of credit applications or opened a lot of accounts, you could find it tricky to remember this information off the top of your head.

You get a new report from ClearScore every month and the app will give you a notification when it’s ready. As the majority of people now have access to their smartphones wherever they go, it means you’ll be able to check your report as soon as it’s ready, and it could help it become more of a habit.

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Improving your score

If you’ve had problems managing credit in the past, you’re likely to want to keep a close eye on your credit report to check if it’s improving. ClearScore gives you a number out of 900 based on how it thinks lenders will view you but remember – lenders will never see this score so it’s best not to be too fixated on it.

Instead, it’s a better idea to focus on improving your credit history. Hold off applying for more credit for now, as each application for credit that you make appears on your credit report, and having too many applications in a short space of time could make you seem desperate for credit to lenders. Focus on making sure everything’s right and up-to-date on your credit report and sign up to the electoral roll, if you haven’t already – this is what lenders use to verify your identity. You’ll be able to track your progress with the ClearScore app as it shows how your credit history has improved from month to month – so you’ll really be able to see how far you’ve come.

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