Five reasons to settle near your home town


Five reasons to settle near your home town

We’re a sentimental lot when it comes to our home towns! Despite our love of holidays abroad and gap years in exotic places, it seems the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to choosing a permanent place to settle. In fact, 1 in 3* of us Brits barely make it out of the shadow of their particular apple tree, with 29% staying within 5 miles of the town where they grew up. And half of Brits move no further than 15 miles away – not quite under the tree, but certainly still in the orchard!

So what makes people want to settle near to their hometown? Well, we’ve come up with five great reasons that we think might affect your choices – do you think we’re right?  

1. You’re near to your Mum and Dad – ahhhhh, we all love our mummies and daddies and it seems we love to live near to them as well, as well as the rest of our families, of course. Who wouldn’t? Especially if there’s a hot meal and a hug waiting for you at Mum’s house. Oh and she may even do your washing, babysitting or dog walking for you free of charge – if you ask nicely!

2. Connections! – living near your home town means you’re probably going to know lots of people – those you grew up with, went to school with and became friends with. If you settle nearby you can use these connections to network for work, or other opportunities. And you are near to your childhood friends too for more social activities!

3. You know the best places to eat, drink and shop – moving away from homes means you have to spend ages trying out new places. You may find some good ones really quickly or you might spend days, weeks, or even years, trying out the local places to find the best. There’s none of that rigmarole when you stay near your hometown, you already know all the hidden little gems, like that super little tea-room tucked away in a backstreet!

4. You don’t have to find a new dentist or doctor – this may seem a bit trivial, but these days, finding a doctor or dentist that you like and, maybe more importantly, who’s taking on new patients, can be tricky. Plus, your family doc knows everything about you – they probably came to see you when you were in your sick bed with measles as a kid – so you know that they know pretty much everything about you.

5. You know the best areas to live in – you usually know the best and worst areas of your hometown and the surrounding areas, so you can choose a great place to live. Move somewhere new, and you’ll know nothing about what it’s like to live there. You may move to somewhere that looks nice, but is actually the crime hot spot!     

These are our ideas on why people settle near their home towns, if you have others, let us know on our Facebook and twitter pages.


*OnePoll questioned a nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults aged 18 and over between 16th March and 26th March 2015, of whom 640 were Scottish residents.