Decorating your rental property – Do’s and Don’ts

Decorating your rental property – Do’s and Don’ts

author: HaylexCox

By HaylexCox

When it comes to redecorating it can be easy to spend hundreds of pounds on home improvements.

We all want where we live to feel like home, but if you rent it’s good to remember that one day you’ll be moving out and won’t be able to take the carpet, bathroom and kitchen sink with you!

A recent survey conducted for us* found that two thirds of tenants have redecorated the property they rent, and a third of them spent more than £750 on home improvements. More surprisingly, 1 in 9 spent over £2,000 doing the home they rent up!

Most Popular Home Improvements

These are the most popular home improvements for renters:

When deciding whether to decorate or make any home improvements, it is worth considering how long you are planning on staying in the property. If you will be staying for many years, you may feel like spending money on your home isn’t a bad thing, as you will get to benefit from the home improvement long-term. If your tendency is due to run out shortly, and you can’t guarantee that the landlord will offer you the opportunity to stay, or you plan to move on at some point in the near future, you may want to hang on to your money.

Landlord rules

Some landlords have strict rules about what they will and won’t allow, but others are willing to let their tenants do whatever they like, home improvement wise. If you want to do some work, you are best consulting your tenancy agreement to double check what it says, and in all cases, it pays to speak to the landlord and ask for permission. They will usually appreciate being kept in the loop, and if you are decorating because the property was in a bad condition when you moved in, you may be able to negotiate so the landlord pays for the paint (or at least half!)

Be careful with your money

Before you spend any money or get carried away, it’s important to think about how you’ll feel on that final day when you close the door behind you and move out. You might regret spending hundreds of pounds on a fireplace if you can’t take it with you, even if it looked lovely and gave your lounge the wow factor while you lived there. Rather than investing money in the fire, you could have bought some statement curtains, furniture or an amazing mirror to go above the original fireplace instead – these are all items you can take with you.

Likewise, in the bathroom, rather than buying a new suite, why not consider just sprucing up the bathroom’s accessories. It’s amazing how a new shower curtain and roller blind can transform a room. You can take them with you when you move out, or if you decide to leave them behind, at least you haven’t spent a vast amount of money.

Whatever work you decide to do, make sure you set yourself a budget and stick to it. Be aware your landlord might make you reverse your changes when you leave, so you may end up having to pay out more money at a later date. For instance, they may make you paint over the walls you have painted in your chosen colours so that everything is magnolia or white.  To get around this, why not hang canvases or pictures to inject a bit of colour instead of painting?

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author: HaylexCox

By HaylexCox

Decorating your rental property – Do’s and Don’ts Decorating your rental property – Do’s and Don’ts