Check out the best Dream Room makeovers!


Check out the best Dream Room makeovers!

You might remember that we challenged bloggers to create their dream room for under £50. It was all about being creative, to see how much of a difference they could make to their rooms with the money, and they certainly didn’t let us down! We had some great entries from our bloggers, and you can see a few of our favourites here:

Dinosaur room – Lucy from Mrs Bishops Bakes and Banter set herself a project to transform her spare room into a ‘big boy’ room for her little son. She knew she wanted the room to have a dragons and dinosaur theme, and she managed to get a range of simple accessories to fit into this style. She bought a dinosaur lampshade, bunting, a canvas for the wall and an adorable triceratops cushion, and only went £2 over the budget.

Winter bedroom – we were really impressed by Anna from Don’t Cramp My Style’s effort, as she showed us how much difference just a few little changes can make. With two stylish table lamps, wire candle holders and an on-trend copper lampshade, she was able to really modernise her bedroom without having to change the bed, paint the walls or put in a new rug.

Lounge makeover – Becky from A Beautiful Space wanted to update her messy living room and she started by clearing out all of her clutter. She replaced it all with a few smart touches – two little bird ornaments, a white vase and a bargain shaggy rug for just £25. It created a much calmer environment and made it look as though she’d given the room much more of an in-depth overhaul than she really had!

Creating a dream home

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