And the winner of our £1,000 Postgraduate Scholarship competition is...


And the winner of our £1,000 Postgraduate Scholarship competition is...

Back in June of this year, we launched a competition to help one hard-working student fund their postgraduate study. The prize offered was a gift of £1,000 to put towards costly course fees. 

To apply, students had to send us 500 words explaining why they thought they deserved to win, alongside any challenges they may have overcome, how postgraduate study will affect their future and how it could help someone else. 

As studying for a Masters can cost upwards of £3,000, we thought running a competition to reward a student for their time and commitment to their studies would be a great idea.

The winner is…

And, now that it’s over, we’re delighted to announce our winner… Jessica Ellis!

Congratulations Jessica, you really deserve it. We were inspired by your sheer commitment and enthusiasm towards your studies, all the while balancing a full-time job and some incredibly difficult personal struggles.

We hope our £1,000 helps your second year studying International Development a little easier, and we sincerely applaud you for your humble approach to learning and passion for philanthropy and Human Rights. 

Rest assured, we’re certain that you have already made your family very proud!

All of the entries were excellent and inspiring, as were the students who applied, so it was a really tough call! Unfortunately there could only be one winner.

Our Postgraduate Scholarship competition ran from 08/06/15 to 07/09/15, but you can find out more about it here >

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