7 cheap ideas for Mother's Day

7 cheap ideas for Mother's Day

author: Jimmy Coultas

By Jimmy Coultas

Mother’s Day is coming up. For many of us, your Mum is the eternal focus of your gratitude, and Mother’s Day is the time to showcase that. But it can get pretty expensive.

Showing you love and appreciate your Mum doesn’t need to come in the form of splashing the cash. Grand gestures are possible without a whopping price tag, as well as thoughtful gifts that don’t bruise the bank balance.

Here are seven ways to make your Mum feel special whilst sticking to a budget.

Go outside

It’s been a tumultuous start to the year for the weather, but if the clouds are absent over Mother’s Day how about taking to the great outdoors?

A Sunday afternoon stroll in a park or nature spot is the perfect combination of thoughtfulness and frugality. It gives you the right ambience to have a good catch up, and if the weather is mild enough you could even eat outside too. 

A picnic is a cost-effective culinary option, and, if it isn’t against the rules of where you’re walking, you can bring alcoholic drinks. If it gets too windy or the weather suddenly takes a turn, remember you can always take cover in a nearby pub or cafe.

Top Tip: Check your local National Trust location to see if they are running any events, as these may be cheaper than usual. 

Make something personal

Back when you were a small child, a handmade gift was probably your Mum’s dream. The formula still works with a little bit of updating, so why not connect with your inner crafter and make something unique?

Whether it’s knitting clothing, upcycling some old furniture or making an eye-catching photo-frame, there’s a way to be creative on a budget. Or you could even go online and order a personalised gift like a cushion or custom mug displaying a picture of the family.

Pick a different day

Although it’s not quite as commercialised as Valentine’s Day, there’s no denying certain things will be more expensive on Mother’s Day - and harder to secure. Restaurant bookings, spa days and hotel bookings will all be more affordable and less elusive if you book a surprise for another day.

Can you and your Mum take the day off work to do something together? Or could you plan an activity for the following weekend? Shifting the date means you could save money which you can put towards the budget. 

Make sure you still make time for her on the actual day though. Either pop round to deliver a card, or give her a call and let her know you’ve got something up your sleeve.

Cook a meal

There’s not many who will have cooked for you in your life as much as your parents, so return the favour for your Mum. Anything from an all-singing, all-dancing roast dinner to a simple slow cooker casserole can show her you care, and give her chance to put her feet up for once. You can make it extra special if you add some pampering while she is at your house, too.

Not up to entertaining? You can just bake her a cake or some biscuits and pop round with them. Remember, you can get something on top such as a bouquet of flowers and still keep it cheap, but she’ll appreciate the extra effort. 

Do it as a team

Got siblings? If so, work together for Mother’s Day so you can go for something a little more extravagant by pooling your resources. Doubling or tripling your budget opens up more possibilities - and you can always showcase your individuality via the card.

Better yet, make sure you all take time out to be with her - for many Mums, having all their kids together is a huge source of joy for them, particularly if you're all adults who've scattered around the country (or the world). If you then combine this with a meal, you can cook different courses each, or even do different meals. Imagine her surprise if you coordinated breakfast in bed for her first thing, with your brother or sister cooking her lunch.

Involve your kids

It’s not just your siblings who can make Mother’s Day easier; if you’ve got children they can add to it too.

Getting her grandkids to showcase their creativity, whether it be through baking or painting, adds a sentimental twist to gifts. The quality of your creations needn’t be as high, so it opens you up to portraits, handmade cards or even something completely different. This make your own wooden coaster set is only £5.95, for example.

Also, a family Mother’s Day means you can combine your special day, or your partner's, which could also keep costs down.

Gifts under a tenner

If you’re sticking to straight-up gifts, then you can keep costs down easily enough, with plenty of options available for less than ten pounds. 

If you are planning on getting flowers, pick some up from your local supermarket a day or two beforehand - this way they’ll be cheap and they won’t have run out. Better yet, could you get a small plant instead? These are also usually cheaper at supermarkets compared to garden centre prices, although you can also pick up bargains at places like Ikea and B&Q.

Again, supermarkets are great for cheap toiletries, gift sets and chocolates. You could also pick up quality goods at an even cheaper price from budget shops such as Home Bargains and B&M. And look at the selections on offer at discount websites like Groupon and Wowcher.

If you are looking for a gift on a budget though, we’d suggest doing so in good enough time.

Looking for eco-friendly gift options for Mum this year? Try these ideas for eco- and budget-friendly gifts!

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author: Jimmy Coultas

By Jimmy Coultas

7 cheap ideas for Mother's Day 7 cheap ideas for Mother's Day