5 ways to impress lenders and get a 'yes'

5 ways to impress lenders and get a 'yes'

author: Emily

By Emily


Imagine you’ve got your eye on a new job… you’d be dusting off your CV and brushing up on your interview skills to look like the best candidate.

Well, applying for credit isn’t all that different. We’ll talk you through ways you could present yourself in a good light to boost your chances of getting accepted – just like you would for an interview.

1) Update your old files

If you’ve not applied for a job in a while, your CV is probably out of date. It’s important to make sure your details are both current and correct to help employers work out if you’re a likely candidate.

Well, just like employers, lenders also like to see your most up-to-date information before they decide whether to go ahead with your application. That’s why it’s important to check the information on your credit file before you apply for credit, like making sure your address and salary details are up-to-date.

It’s also a good idea to check your credit file to make sure you’re not still financially linked to anyone you're no longer associated with, like an old partner or friend. Even if you’ve gone separate ways, you might still be linked by a joint account or a loan, which could affect your credit report.

2) Be punctual

One way to make a good impression is to arrive with plenty of time to spare. Arriving late to an interview is a huge no-no as far as employers are concerned… and it’s the same for lenders.

If you’ve made late payments in the past, credit lenders could worry you’ll make the same mistake with them.

Making payments on time (and in full) is a good way to impress lenders and increase your chances of being accepted. To help you keep on top of your payments, you could set up a Direct Debit or request text or email alerts to remind you when your next payment is coming up.

3) Look smart

If you’re looking to impress, you might be thinking about getting suited and booted to make a good impression. Your credit file might need a bit of a makeover, too.

In order to spruce up your credit file, you could take a look at your report to see if you have any old credit accounts you can close. If you have too many unused credit accounts, lenders might worry that your access to lots of credit could result in overspending. 

4) Make sure you’re a good fit for the job

An employer looking for the right candidate will probably have certain expectations you’d need to fit into – like having the right qualifications or experience. 

Lenders also have their own unique lending criteria, which you may or may not fall into. Some lenders may only accept people with an excellent credit score, while other lenders might consider people with a less than ideal score.

Just like you’d check to see if you met the relevant experience before applying for a new job, you can see how likely you could be accepted for credit by using eligibility checkers without affecting your credit score.

5) Work hard

So you’ve spruced yourself up, arrived on time and done your research… now you’ve bagged the job! It’s time to prove yourself as a loyal and hardworking employee.  

In terms of credit, this could mean making your payments on time and in full each month, without utilising all of your available credit or exceeding your credit limit.

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author: Emily

By Emily

5 ways to impress lenders and get a 'yes' 5 ways to impress lenders and get a 'yes'