5 top tips for creating the perfect autumn garden

5 top tips for creating the perfect autumn garden

author: Helen Cross

By Helen Cross

The temperatures are dropping, the nights are drawing in and you've probably dug out your cosiest jumpers to snuggle up on the sofa.

However, when the weather gets cold, gardens tend to get neglected, and here at Ocean we think that is a terrible shame! Aside from it being sad to see an area of your home ignored, there are proven health benefits to getting outside in the cold: icy weather not only increases your metabolism but it can also help to lessen the symptoms of SAD. Plus, coming inside to a warm drink feels even better straight from the crisp frosty air!

With that in mind, we’ve challenged ten wonderful bloggers to create the perfect autumn garden evening. We’ll be sharing the results on our Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #autumngardens, but in the meantime here are our tips for creating a warm and welcoming outdoor oasis this autumn:  

1. Layer up

Layering isn’t just for clothing: no matter how lovely your garden is, you aren’t going to enjoy it if you’re freezing! Ensure that you have a stack of thick blankets and outdoor cushions at the ready for crisp autumn nights. With a hot drink, you won’t even notice the cold!

2. Bring the heat

There’s a reason we gave our bloggers a firepit! Invest in a chimera or firepit and you extend the barbecue season well into the winter. Swap burgers and chicken for marshmallows and chestnuts for the perfect seasonal snacks.

3. Choose your plants

Whilst nothing beats the bloom of a summer’s garden, choose the right plants and your autumn garden can be just as eye-catching. Ornamental greens, flowering heathers and evergreen perennials are fantastic choices to add interest to your lawn. Make sure that you choose containers that won’t crack in freezing weather and line with hessian to prevent compost from freezing.

4. Light fantastic

Who said fairy lights were just for Christmas? Banish autumn darkness with twinkling lights and hanging lanterns to make your garden just as inviting as your living room.

5. Plan for wildlife

Finally, to make your garden really special this autumn, ensure it’s extra appealing to winter animals. Crumble suet cake and mixes containing peanuts to attract robins, and ensure that some areas of your garden are kept wild to entice hedgehogs looking for a place to hibernate. 

Are you a blogger who’d like to take part in an Ocean campaign? Email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch. 

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author: Helen Cross

By Helen Cross

5 top tips for creating the perfect autumn garden 5 top tips for creating the perfect autumn garden