5 of the best online surveys to make money

5 of the best online surveys to make money

author: Emily

By Emily

Think online surveys sound too good to be true? We’ve found 5 of the best online surveys which actually work.

Online surveys can be a great way of earning a little extra pocket money. Often, you’ll need to share your opinions on certain topics or products to take part. Your opinions are valuable to companies, as they’ll use your feedback to help them carry out market research.

As you’ll be helping out companies by providing ideas and feedback, you’ll receive money as a reward – so everybody wins! Take a look at some of the best online surveys which pay:

1) i-Say

With i-Say, you can earn points for taking surveys. You can then exchange your points for vouchers – with many users racking up £10 or more in Amazon vouchers each month.

You can also claim vouchers to spend at the likes of John Lewis and Argos too, so you’ll have a wide variety of choice when it comes to spending your earnings.

2) Swagbucks

Answer daily polls on Swagbucks and you can earn rewards like Amazon vouchers or have the cash sent straight to your PayPal account. You can usually only get paid for one poll each day though, so be sure to check the T&Cs before you get stuck in.

3) Crowdology

Crowdology is a popular survey with its users as it’ll pay you the cash up front, without having to swap points for vouchers.

You can earn up to £10 for every survey you complete and you can start to withdraw your earnings from just £4. Simply share your opinion about everyday topics and you’ll earn money for each survey.

4) PopulusLive

PopulusLive focuses on business, culture and research. You’ll get paid around £1 for every five minutes you spend on there, so it’s time well spent.

The surveys may be less frequent, though, so you’ll have to be quick to bag your space. Once you’ve hit the £50 limit, you can cash out your earnings.

5) Google Opinion Rewards

If you’re an Android user, the Google Opinion Rewards is a good way to earn rewards to purchase apps, books, music and films on the Google Play Store.

The surveys can be completed in as little as a few seconds and you’ll earn between 6-60p for each one. You can then use the rewards to claim items on the Google Play Store.

Top tips for using online surveys

  • Use a new email address

Save your inbox from endless spam and sign up to any survey sites with a dedicated email address.

  • Don’t pay to join

Spending money to sign up to a survey can often be too good to be true. Only ever register with sites if they’re free to join.

  • Check your inbox

Sometimes surveys will only have a limited amount of spots available, so be sure you check when you’re invited to any.

Disclaimer: All information and links are correct at the time of publishing.

author: Emily

By Emily

5 of the best online surveys to make money 5 of the best online surveys to make money