4 quick tips to improve your credit rating


4 quick tips to improve your credit rating

Your credit rating can affect whether or not you’re able to borrow and whether you get the deal you want. It’s therefore wise to keep a close eye on it - and if you think it needs to improve, here are some tips that may help:

1. Get on the electoral roll

Registering your name and home on the electoral roll means lenders can search your address history with ease. Many also like to see a landline on credit applications instead of a mobile number.

2. Update all your account info

Make sure all your details are identical on all your credit accounts.

3. Close unused accounts

If, for example, you have a credit card you no longer use, cancel it. That way it won’t be cluttering up your report and you’ll also be reducing fraud or theft risks.

4. Check, check and check again

Check your credit report regularly and if there’s anything wrong, say something… get it corrected or removed as soon as you can.