4 free apps to support your mental health

4 free apps to support your mental health

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

Since the start of the pandemic, an increasing amount of people have reported they're struggling with their mental health. If you want help now, here are some free NHS approved apps that might be able to help.

Catch It 

Catch It is a simple app for anyone who might find it helpful to keep a mood diary. Users are encouraged to reflect on the way they deal with stressful situations. When recording moods, users are asked to write down what caused the problem, how strongly they felt and how they reacted. Choose from a variety of pre-defined moods, or choose “Other” to define a different mood. The aim is to help people to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. The app requires a PIN to be set. 

You can get more information about the app here.

Calm Harm 

The award-winning Calm Harm is designed to help those struggling with self-harm. The aim is to enable the user to resist the urges. Aimed at people thirteen and above, it works by encouraging the exploration of emotions. The app uses a range of time-based activities based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. It also includes a list of organisations that can provide further help. 

Calm Harm collects no personal information, and a password can be set for privacy. You can read more about the app here. 


distrACT is a confidential app for anyone aged seventeen and over with thoughts of suicide or self-harm. This app provides a selection of trusted information and external links to helplines if the user wants to seek further support. distrACT suggests techniques to monitor and manage the urges to self-harm, and there’s a “chill-zone” with some interesting suggestions to help improve moods. On setting up the app there's an option to set a password. 

distrACT does not collect any personal information. Find out more or download it here. 


WorryTree is an app inspired by Cognitive Behavioural TherapyIt acts as a digital journal for users to record any worries or negative thoughts they have. The user is encouraged to organise these worries into categories and write down how they could resolve or change their perspective on it. You can categorise your worries so over time you’ll be able to see any patterns or consistencies in what you’re struggling with. Another feature of the app is that you can create a list of distractions to help you if you start experiencing intrusive thoughts. You’ll also be able to set gratitude reminders and schedule ‘worry time’ reminders if you want to work on your journal at a certain time each day.  

There are some in-app purchases with this one, however you can still use most of the features without subscribing. If you do want to subscribe it’ll cost £1.99 a month or £9.99 a year. There’s also a 7 day free trial as well. 

This app can be PIN protected and doesn’t collect any personal data. You can find out more or download it here. 

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author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

4 free apps to support your mental health 4 free apps to support your mental health