15 sectors in the UK that are hiring right now

15 sectors in the UK that are hiring right now

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

It’s a turbulent time for workers and many companies throughout the nation are having to make difficult decisions.

Sadly it seems like many people are going to suffer, but finding a stop-gap could be an option. 

There are companies taking on employees right now - at a time they’re needed more than ever. Here’s a list of major employers looking for staff across the UK at the moment:

1. Supermarkets:

  • Morrisons - Looking for positions in-store, logistics, manufacturing and delivery drivers
  • Tesco - Hiring customer service assistants and delivery drivers
  • Co-op - Over 200 jobs available from customer team members to funeral arrangers
  • Waitrose - Looking for retail assistants, delivery drivers and night replenishment staff
  • Sainsbury’s - Hiring a range of people from services assistants to delivery drivers 
  • Iceland - Looking for new store assistants and delivery drivers across the country

2. Logistics companies:

  • Royal Mail - Hiring Christmas casuals, postpeople and cleaners
  • DHL - Looking for delivery drivers, warehouse and admin staff

3. Fast food stores:

  • Deliveroo - Roles as a delivery driver/rider are available through their website
  • UberEats - The company are advertising for delivery driver roles
  • Just Eat - Looking for couriers during this time

4. Internet:

  • Amazon - Hiring delivery drivers, warehouse staff, managers and operations specialists in various areas

5. Retailers:

  • B&M - Hiring plenty of customer service assistants in-store, with roles also at their distribution centres
  • Specsavers - Roles include optical assistants as well as some apprenticeship positions

6. Health Care:

  • NHS - There are over 17,000 NHS jobs available on their website throughout the country at the moment, including nurse apprenticeships
  • Bupa - You can also find over 200 jobs listed on under Bupa, from nurses to chefs and finance analysts

7. Government:

  • Civil Service - There are hundreds of jobs going across different departments like DWP, Department of Education and the Home Office, for example

8. Defence:

9. Telecoms:

  • BT - Are looking to fill a range of positions from management roles to engineers 
  • Virgin Media - Are in need of collections agents, personal assistants and more

10. Financial services:

  • Barclays - Boast over 100 vacancies in the UK right now

11. Facilities:

  • Mitie - Have various jobs in security, catering, care and more

12. Insurance:

  • Direct Line - There are over 80 jobs going, including data engineers and customer service positions

13. Information Technology:

  • Sage - Looking for UX designers, software engineers and more

14. Electronics:

  • Apple - There are almost 100 jobs being advertised at Apple right now - in areas like software development and marketing 

15. Teaching:

  • Online tutor roles - There are hundreds of online tutor jobs on Indeed alone. And you get to work from the comfort of your own home

Many of the roles listed above don’t need any formal qualifications or specific experience, so if you’re looking for work right now - try following a link in the above list. Chances are you may be able to secure a role quicker than you think. Or if you're looking for casual work over the Christmas period, try the DWP website, which has over 1,000 listings in the UK.

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Disclaimer: All information and links are correct at the time of publishing.

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

15 sectors in the UK that are hiring right now 15 sectors in the UK that are hiring right now