woman with feet up on window sill with a hot drink, book and marshmallows

10 budget activities to look forward to this winter

author: Adele Kitchen

By Adele Kitchen

With darker nights and colder weather on the horizon, we've researched things that people enjoy doing in winter that don’t cost a lot of money, to help you beat the cold weather blues. 

Get creative 

There are plenty of crafty activities you could try this winter - like knitting a hat or scarf. All you need is some wool and two knitting needles. Check out this YouTube tutorial for beginners to get started. 

Or you could add a personal touch to your Christmas cards this year by making them by hand. The Spruce Crafts list 21 different ideas for inspiration. 

You could even start a scrapbook about holidays you’ve been on, your favourite recipes or your hobbies, for example. Scrapbooks can include memorabilia like photos, letters and magazine clippings, as well as doodles and journalling. 

Hold a games tournament 

Do you have loads of old board games or puzzles stashed away? A cold, rainy day is the perfect time to dust them off and release your inner child. It’s a fun way to spend some quality time with friends and family, without breaking the bank. 

Make winter warmer recipes  

There’s no better time of the year to indulge in warm food. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. You could throw leftover vegetables with a bit of stock into a slow cooker to make a vegetarian casserole. Or soften veg on the hob to make homemade soup. 

And what about festive baking? We love the look of these shortbread stars and this Christmas cake. The best bit is you only need three ingredients for each recipe!  

Do indoor workouts 

With dark nights gradually drawing in, you might feel safer and warmer exercising at home. It’ll save on gym membership fees too! 

There are a whole host of free videos to pick from on YouTube, from HIIT cardio workouts and dance workouts, to relaxing yoga routines. (Just make sure you pick one that’s suitable for your fitness level). 

Host a movie night 

Going to the cinema can be costly. So why not have a cosy night in and enjoy movies from the comfort of your own home? You can get the popcorn ready, put on your favourite pyjamas and wrap yourself in a warm blanket.  

Plant tulips

The garden may look a bit bleak over winter, but you can get it ready for spring by planting tulip bulbs in November. In fact, that is the ideal time to plant tulips, as the cooler soil helps to prevent them from getting viral infections. Find out all you need to know about growing tulips on the RHS website. 

Take a winter walk

When the air is cold and the sun is out, getting some fresh air can help you shake off any cobwebs and lift your spirits. The kids can wear their wellies and splash around or look for birds and bugs. They could take a sensory box with them to collect things like leaves and feathers that they can draw when they get home. 

Remember to take hot drinks to keep warm and make it more enjoyable! 

Have fun in the snow 

If it snows, you could make the most of it by building a snowman, going sledging, having a snowball fight, or making snow angels. 

Curl up with a good book

If going out in the cold isn’t for you, you might prefer to make yourself a hot drink, get a cosy blanket and read your latest page-turner. Or sit back, close your eyes and listen to an audiobook. Audible offers a 30-day trial for free (followed by a monthly subscription fee of £7.99 which you can cancel at any time). 

Have a self-care day

Winter is the perfect time to pamper yourself and recharge your batteries. Self-care can look different to everyone. The main thing is to do something that you enjoy and makes you feel good. For some people that might be lighting a candle and taking a warm bubble bath. For others, it might be using a facemask or doing a DIY manicure. The choice is yours.  

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woman with feet up on window sill with a hot drink, book and marshmallows woman with feet up on window sill with a hot drink, book and marshmallows