1 in 6 Millennials reliant on inheritance to buy first home

1 in 6 Millennials reliant on inheritance to buy first home

author: Rachel

By Rachel

One in six Millennials say they’re relying on receiving inheritance from a currently living relative to pay for their first home.

Almost half of 18 to 34-year-olds who are waiting for a windfall to come their way believe it will come from their grandparents. A further two-fifths are relying on the death of their parents for the cash, according to comparison website money.co.uk.

So how long will these would-be homeowners have to wait to get on the property ladder? Well one in 10 respondents believe they will get their inheritance in the next 10 years and a further 10% think they’ll have to wait between 10 and 20 years.

Millennials, classed as people born between the early 1980s and mid-90s, face many problems when trying to get on the property ladder.

  • High living costs stop them saving money for a deposit.
  • More than half claim they struggle to cover their day-to-day living costs, so saving just isn’t an option.
  • A further 40% say they can’t afford to buy on their own and need extra help.

Meanwhile, a third of the young people surveyed said they’re waiting to clear their existing debts before applying for a mortgage.

A fifth are waiting until they find love so there’s someone to split the cost of buying with. And nearly a quarter believe that ‘living for the moment’ is more important right now than saving to buy a home.

Many Millennials are relying on inheritance to buy a home

What’s stopping Millennials who do want to buy?

  • 53% can’t afford to save
  • 32% can’t afford the area they want to live in
  • 19% are scared of such a big financial decision
  • 12% are worried about being turned down for a mortgage
  • 12% worry about the impact of missed credit card payments on their credit history
  • 12% don’t know what to do first
  • 9% do not have the discipline to save
  • 7% have unauthorised overdraft blemishes on their credit history
  • 4% have County Court Judgments.

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author: Rachel

By Rachel

1 in 6 Millennials reliant on inheritance to buy first home 1 in 6 Millennials reliant on inheritance to buy first home