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Mortgage arrears

We may be able to help you find a remortgage even if you've had problems with borrowing in the past.

Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll let you know what deals may be available to you.

Let us help you get out of mortgage arrears

At Ocean, we can help you find a new mortgage on your home, even if your credit score isn’t in the best shape. You may be able to use the new mortgage to release equity in your property to consolidate your debts. You can then repay what you owe with one lower, more affordable monthly repayment.

Whatever your problem, Ocean Finance could help, we consider each mortgage application on a case-by-case basis so even if you have missed some repayments on your existing mortgage or loans, have CCJs (County Court Judgments), had a change in circumstances we could help you find a new mortgage.

At Ocean Finance all our Mortgage Advisers are trained and qualified to give advice on finding a mortgage that suits your individuals needs. All mortgage applications will receive no obligation help and advice on the mortgage options available, so apply online now.

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