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What is a homeowner loan?

Also known as secured loans, homeowner loans are secured against your property, therefore, they’re only available to people who own their own home or hold a mortgage.

If you’ve been rejected for a personal loan (also known as an unsecured loan), and you own your property, a homeowner loan may be easier to obtain because of this extra security for the lenders.

How much can I borrow?

Ocean homeowner loans range from £10,000 to £150,000 – the amount you can borrow, and the term and the interest rate you’re offered, however, will depend on the amount of equity you have in your home and your personal circumstances.

Please remember, if you’re unable to meet your repayments, your home may be at risk.

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Secured loans : Rates start from 7.3% APR. We also offer a range of products with rates up to 26% APR, which allows us to help people with a range of credit profiles. 15.3% APR typical variable. 2 out of 3 customers will receive this rate or lower. Ocean Finance arranges secured loans from a panel of lenders. Ocean will receive a commission from the lender upon completion. A fee of 12.5% of the net loan amount, capped at £2975, is payable upon completion. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.

Debt Consolidation Loans

If you’ve multiple debt repayments each month and you’re finding meeting them a struggle, but feel you could get them under control if you had a little help, we offer a number of debt consolidation loans for homeowners.

By consolidating your debts, you could:

  • Replace multiple monthly repayments with one easy-to-manage monthly payment
  • Reduce the amount you pay each month
  • Free up money for other purposes

Apply for a debt consolidation loan with Ocean today and see how much smaller your monthly payments could be.

Please bear in mind that by repaying your debts over a longer period of time, you could increase the amount of interest you pay overall.

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Common questions

Is a homeowner loan like a personal loan?

In some ways, yes, they’re similar. However, the main difference between the two is that you must be a homeowner to apply for a homeowner loan. Homeowner loans are usually for larger amount of money compared to a personal loan – around £10,000 to £150,000. They can also be repaid over a longer time period – from 5 to 25 years.

Plus, lenders can be more flexible with homeowner loans as they’re secured against property. This means they can be available to people from all walks of life, whether employed, self-employed, retired or in receipt of certain benefits. They may even be available to you if your credit rating isn’t 100%.

How does a homeowner loan work?

Applying for a homeowner loan and paying back it works in much the same way as with any other kind of loan. Once the loan is agreed and you have your money, you’ll make monthly payments to the lender until it’s been paid off.

You can use our calculator to see what your repayments will look like before you apply, to make sure they’re a good fit with your budget.

Is a homeowner loan bad for my credit rating?

No, a homeowner loan isn’t bad for your credit rating. In fact, it’s often an option for people who struggle to get other types of loan because their credit history is less than perfect – a homeowner loan can be easier to get hold of, since the lender has the added comfort of having property offered as security.

What’s more, keeping up with your repayments could help to improve your credit rating in time.

What can I use a homeowner loan for?

You can use your loan for almost anything you like – whether it’s just for one thing, or for a number of different purposes.

Popular uses for homeowner loans include home improvements, a new car and debt consolidation (using the loan to repay existing unsecured loans and credit cards to reduce overall monthly outgoings).

Is a homeowner loan the same as a secured loan?

Secured loans are often known as homeowner loans simply because they're only available to homeowners.

They're secured against either your home or a different property - we also have loans that can be secured against buy-to-let properties.

Since they're secured, you're more likely to be accepted, as lenders are generally prepared to be more flexible.

Other types of loans we offer
Debt consolidation loans

We offer a number of debt consolidation loan deals for homeowners. Consolidating your debts could help you to:

  • Replace multiple debts with one easy-to-manage monthly payment
  • Reduce the amount you pay each month
  • Free up money for other purposes

Get in touch and see how much smaller your monthly payments could be! Bear in mind that repaying your debts over a longer period could increase the amount of interest to be paid.

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