Which supermarket delivery is the cheapest?

Which supermarket delivery is the cheapest?

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

Online grocery shopping has surged in recent months due to the pandemic. Delivery and minimum spend costs can vary a lot. We look at which supermarket has the best delivery deal.

Depending on where you shop, charges vary depending on your order value and delivery slot.

We found the best delivery deal right now is with Iceland, wholl deliver your order for free if it’s over £35 

Morrison's is the most expensive as you need to spend £40 to be able to check out, and there's no option for free delivery either. 

Which has the lowest minimum spend? 

Asda and Tesco have no minimum spend. Sounds good right? But, if you spend less than £40, theyll add on a surcharge of £3 (Asda) and £4 (Tesco), and that’s on toof the delivery fee. So, if you shop with Asda or Tesco and your basket is just under £40 it could be worth adding something else you need to reach the threshold.  

Delivery charges at a glance 

UK supermarkets delivery fees

The details 

1. Amazon Fresh 

If you’re an Amazon Prime customer you can order food with Amazon Fresh who have teamed up with Morrison's, Whole Foods, Warburtons and more. Delivery is free if you spend over £40 and select a two-hour delivery slot. The minimum spend is £15, and if you spend between £15 and £40 the delivery charge will be £3.99. 

It’s currently only available to Amazon Prime customers in London and southeast counties, you can check if your postcode is eligible here. 

2. Asda 

Spend over £40 at Asda and you’ll be paying between £1 and £7 for a delivery slot. You should be able to find the cheaper delivery slots by booking in advance and choosing early morning or late evening times.  

Asda’s delivery pass system might save you money on deliveries, but only if you want frequent deliveries. Currently, the scheme is on pause due to high demand. Keep checking their website for updates. 

3. Iceland 

As mentioned, Iceland will deliver for free if you spend more than £35. If you spend less than this, you’ll pay £2 for delivery. The minimum spend is £25, so it might be worth making your order up to the £35 threshold with items you know youll use, or some store-cupboard staples. This way you’ll avoid the £2 delivery charge. 

If you don’t want to shop online, you can spend £25 in-store and they’ll deliver it free on the same day. 

4. Morrisons 

With Morrisons, you’ll have to spend at least £40 to qualify for delivery. The cheapest slot on their website right now is £2.50, and this increases to £6.50 for more popular slots. Their delivery pass is £5 a month for midweek deliveries and £8 a month for deliveries seven days a week. It’s a lot better value to choose the yearly pass which is £35 for midweek deliveries, and £65 for seven days a week. 

Morrisons is the only supermarket offering a special delivery service for students and vulnerable or elderly customers. If you fall into these categories, you can choose from a list of forty-seven essential items which you have to order over the phone. Delivery for this service starts at £1.50. 

5. Sainsbury’s 

Sainsbury’s minimum spend is £25. Spend up to £40 and delivery will cost you £7. Spend over £40 for the variable delivery charges starting at £1 to £4.50. You’ll pay £1 if you select a flexible delivery slot. If you spend more than £100 your delivery is free - but only if you select delivery after 2pm, Monday to Thursday. 

Sainsbury’s delivery saver pass starts at £10 for three months of mid-week deliveries. Work out if it’s worth it first. If you paid the cheapest £1 for each delivery without the pass, you’d need to place 10 orders with the pass to break even. 

6. Tesco 

If your basket total with Tesco is over £40, you’ll pay a fixed fee of £4.50 for delivery. This increases to £5.50 if your order comes from one of their “fulfilment centres”.  

They have a delivery pass system which is also paused but you can keep an eye on it here. 

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Which supermarket delivery is the cheapest? Which supermarket delivery is the cheapest?