QuickCheck comes to the Ocean Credit Card


QuickCheck comes to the Ocean Credit Card

If you’ve had problems managing credit in the past – maybe a few missed payments here and there or even a CCJ – you’re probably looking at how you can improve your credit history. One way you could do this is by taking out a credit builder credit card, like the one available from Ocean. Just by borrowing a relatively small amount on this and making sure you pay it back on time every month, you could start to turn your credit history around.

But if you weren’t sure whether you’d be accepted for the card or not, you might have held off applying – after all, you don’t want a mark on your credit report if you’re rejected. Now there’s a way to find out if you’ll be accepted for the Ocean Credit Card before you apply, QuickCheck. Let’s take a look at how this works.

See if you’re eligible

With QuickCheck, you can complete a short form and find out if you’ll be accepted for the card before you apply. You’ll be given a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, meaning you can apply with confidence as you’ll be sure whether you’ll be accepted or not – we’ll give you an answer in just 60 seconds.

QuickCheck carries out all of the checks necessary to give you an answer and as long as all the information you give us correct, it will tell you with 100% certainty if you’ll be accepted. After this, if QuickCheck tells you that you’ll be accepted, the only reason you’d be rejected is if we can’t verify your identity when we’re doing our fraud checks.

No mark on credit report

In most cases when you apply for any form of credit – whether that’s a credit card, a loan or a mortgage – it leaves a mark on your credit history, whether you’re accepted or not. If lenders see a lot of applications on your credit report within a short space of time, they might be more likely to reject you, as this could make you seem desperate for credit.

That’s why QuickCheck could be a good idea for you if you’re not sure whether you’ll be accepted for the Ocean Credit Card or not. The eligibility checker only does a ‘soft search’ meaning it won’t leave a visible mark on your credit history. You will be able to see the search when you check your credit report but this can only be seen by you – other lenders can’t see it when they run a credit check on you. If you’re not sure whether a credit card is right for you, QuickCheck makes it easy to check before you apply, with no effect to your future borrowing.


Know if you're accepted before you apply with Ocean's Credit Card QuickCheck

  • Get credit - up to £1,500 - QuickCheck won't affect your credit rating - Get a response in 60 seconds.

34.9% APR Representative (variable)
Intelligent Lending Ltd (Credit Broker). Capital One is the exclusive lender

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