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How to turn 19 days of annual leave into 48 days of holiday

author: Adele Kitchen

By Adele Kitchen

Hankering for more holiday time this year? Want to squeeze in more than one break? The minimum annual leave amount in the UK is 28 days. For a lot of people, this is eight bank or public holidays and then there are 19 days they can book off.  

This year, there is an extra bank holiday in May for the King’s coronation. And with some clever holiday hacking and annual leave know-how, you can strategically book days off around public holidays and weekends to get up to 48 days off work. 

How to maximise your annual leave 

We’ve broken down the days you could book off work to get the most out of your holiday allowance in 2023. This is based on full-time employees, working Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. 


Monday 1st January – New Year’s Day 


Get 10 days off for only four days of annual leave

Friday 7th April – Good Friday 

Saturday 8th April – weekend 

Sunday 9th April - weekend 

Monday 10th April – Easter Monday 

Tuesday 11th April – annual leave 

Wednesday 12th April – annual leave 

Thursday 13th April – annual leave 

Friday 14th April – annual leave 

Saturday 15th April – weekend 

Sunday 16th April - weekend 


Get another 10 days off for only four days of annual leave 

Saturday 29th April - weekend 

Sunday 30th April - weekend 

Monday 1st May – Early May Bank Holiday 

Tuesday 2nd May – annual leave 

Wednesday 3rd May – annual leave 

Thursday 4th May – annual leave 

Friday 5th May – annual leave 

Saturday 6th May - weekend 

Sunday 7th May - weekend 

Monday 8th May - King's Coronation Bank Holiday 

Plus, get 9 days off for only 4 days of annual leave at the end of May 

Saturday 27th May - weekend 

Sunday 28th May - weekend 

Monday 29th May – Spring Bank Holiday  

Tuesday 30th May – annual leave 

Wednesday 31st May – annual leave 

Thursday 1st June – annual leave 

Friday 2nd June – annual leave 

Saturday 3rd June - weekend 

Sunday 4th June - weekend 


Get another 9 days off for only 4 days of annual leave 

Saturday 26th August - weekend 

Sunday 27th August - weekend 

Monday 28th August - Summer Bank Holiday 

Tuesday 29th August – annual leave 

Wednesday 30th August – annual leave 

Thursday 31st August – annual leave 

Friday 1st September – annual leave 

Saturday 2nd September - weekend 

Sunday 3rd September - weekend 


Enjoy a relaxing, long festive break by booking three days off after Boxing Day. 

Saturday 23rd December – weekend 

Sunday 24th December - weekend 

Monday 25th December - Christmas Day 

Tuesday 26th December - Boxing Day 

Wednesday 27th December – annual leave 

Thursday 28th December – annual leave 

Friday 29th December – annual leave 

Saturday 30th December – weekend 

Sunday 31st December - weekend 

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woman reading in a hammock woman reading in a hammock