How to make the most of your small garden


How to make the most of your small garden

Just because your garden isn’t the biggest doesn’t mean it can’t have the wow factor! If you’re planning on giving your small garden a makeover then there are three rules you should try to follow…

1.  Stick with three colours

It can be tempting to fill your borders with flowers and plants in every colour under the sun but if space is at a premium then this can make your garden seem even smaller. Less is definitely more, so try to stick to three colours instead.

2.  Mix things up a bit

Adding plants and flowers with different textures and different heights will help make your garden seem more spacious and inviting. Don’t feel like you have to plant everything uniformly, just go with the flow and have fun.

3.  Make it useable

You want to create a place you can go to relax. Think about creating a seating area, if space is a premium you could consider foldable chairs that you can hide away when you’re not using them. If you have unused space, perhaps a patch of grass running along the side of your house, why not consider having a small vegetable patch or herb garden?

Blogger challenge

If you’re a blogger who likes gardening or perhaps you fancy giving it a go, why not take part in the Fairy Homes challenge, a blogger campaign currently being run by the Ocean personal loans team?

We’re challenging twenty bloggers to create a bespoke fairy garden home. We’re providing them with £40 each to cover a plant pot, fairy furniture and anything else they’d like to add. It’s going to be loads of fun so get involved if you can.

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