Woman vacuum packing unused clothes for storage

8 cheap storage ideas

author: Fiona Peake

By Fiona Peake

Live in a small property or just want to make your home neat and tidy? Affordable DIY storage is a great way of transforming your space without spending a fortune, read our guide for ideas to get you started. 

Cheap kitchen storage ideas  

Kitchens are filled with all sorts of bits and bobs. There’s the standard stuff such as crockery, cutlery and pans. There are all the food items to store, and on top of that, a lot of people like to keep their cleaning products in the kitchen. Here are some cheap ideas to help you minimise mess and create extra kitchen storage.  

Use empty jars  

After you’ve finished off a giant jar of pickles or used the last scraping of jam from the jam jar, don’t throw the jars away. Instead wash them in hot soapy water, leave them to dry and then use them to store your utensils. Different sized jars will be great for different sized utensils. It also means they’ll no longer be taking up precious drawer space.  

Use a tension rod  

To create space in your cleaning cupboard you could install a tension rod. By hanging all your spray bottles on a tension rod in the upper section of your cupboard, you’ll free up space in the bottom of your cupboard to store other items such as a dustpan and brush, washing tablets, cloths, scourers etc.   

Cheap bedroom storage ideas  

Bedrooms can become quite cluttered, especially if you happen to share it with another person. Clothes seem to be the major culprit. Try these simple organisation hacks. 

Vacuum pack your unused clothes  

Clothes are usually seasonal and what people choose to wear in the summer they usually wouldn’t wear in the winter and vice versa.  

So, this summer try packing your winter clothes away in a large vacuum storage bag and hide them in a cupboard, store them flat on top of a wardrobe or pack them away neatly in some cheap storage boxes. You won’t need to worry about your clothes being affected by any dust or dirt as they’ll be protected by the plastic covering.  

Repurpose an old ladder as a shoe rack  

An old ladder is the perfect place to hang your heeled shoes. But it doesn’t stop there, you can use it to hang belts and necklaces too and the best part is you can paint it to match your room.  

Cheap bathroom storage ideas  

There’s not always a lot of storage space in bathrooms, which is a shame since they’re often one of the busiest rooms in the house. These tidy tips will help to reduce how many bottles, sponges, razors and pieces of makeup you have lying around. 

Build yourself a magnetic makeup board organizer   

Using an old picture frame, a sheet of metal and some magnetic strips you can build your own DIY magnetic makeup board organizer 

With your magnetic makeup organizer, you can keep all your makeup in order, and it’ll be easily accessible at all times.   

Use a tension rod  

If you thought tension rods were only good for optimizing space in your cleaning cupboards, then you were wrong. You can also use them in your bathroom.  

Install your tension rod across the length of your shower or bath. By putting hooks on your tension rod, you create a space to hang flannels, loofahs, bottles of shower gel and even shower caps.  


How can I make cheap storage?  

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to create your own storage space is by building shelves to put on your wall. You can make your own shelves out of old planks of wood that you can sand down and paint before attaching to your wall.  

You could also repurpose an old drawer and hang that on your wall, or an old crate if you have any.  

How do you organize small spaces on a budget? 

  • Declutter – get rid of anything you don’t need  
  • Use wall space – put up shelves, lean ladders against them, put hooks up and hang things from them  
  • Use door space – you can buy shelves that can hang on the back of any door, you could use this on the back of your kitchen door to keep your jars and spices in, on the back of your pan cupboard to keep the lids of your pans in or even on the back of your cleaning door to keep cleaning products organised  
  • Use any ceiling space like this affordable garage storage option 
  • Use the space under your bed – you can store things in boxes or bags, you could even store your vacuum-packed clothes under there. 

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Woman vacuum packing unused clothes for storage Woman vacuum packing unused clothes for storage