6 places you can get Easter eggs for less than £1

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

It wouldn't be Easter without plenty of chocolate. If you’re looking to save a bit of cash on your Easter eggs this year, we’ve found some at bargain prices.

1. Asda 

Asda has some good bargains on Easter eggs this year, with some on sale for just 89p. This Barbie themed chocolate egg (and chocolate bar) is 89p. Or you can get this Paddington Bear egg for the same price (which also includes a chocolate bar).

If you want something other than an egg, this Kinder Easter Bunny is £1 instead.

2. Tesco 

Tesco also has a few options for £1, including:

  • Milkybar egg (with Milkybar buttons included)
  • Rolo egg (with Rolos included)
  • KitKat egg (with a KitKat Chunky snack-size bar included).

They also have a 3 for £1 deal on selected chocolates which include Cadbury’s Crème Eggs, Mini Eggs and Malteaser Bunnies.

Tesco has a pretty wide selection of Easter eggs for £1, which you can find on their website. This is just a small selection of what they have on offer. To have a look at what else they have, visit their website.

3. Aldi 

Aldi is selling branded Easter eggs such as Smarties, Mini eggs and Maltesers for just 99p. But their biggest bargain is this Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bunny for 39p, a cheaper alternative to a Lindt Chocolate Bunny, which is usually around £2.50.

 They also sell Dairyfine Easter Treasures for 99p per bag and Dairyfine Mini Eggs for 59p per bag.

4. Morrison’s 

Morrison’s currently have a sale on their medium-sized Easter eggs. They were originally priced at £1.50 per egg but they’re now reduced to 99p each. You can choose from:

  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
  • Milkybar
  • Malteser
  • Mars
  • Cadbury’s Mini Egg
  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons
  • Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

5. B&M 

B&M is selling a Malteser Mini Bunny Easter egg for only 89p. They also sell a Milkybar egg for £1. You’ll find a variety of bags of Easter-themed sweets for £1.

6. Amazon 

If you’ve got a lot of Eggs you need to buy, Amazon is your best bet. You can buy eggs in bulk and make a decent saving.

There’s a Cadbury Easter Egg Giftpack which includes 5 Oreo eggs, 5 Crème eggs and 5 Caramel eggs (a total of 15 mini eggs) for £10.99 with free delivery. This means each egg costs you 73p.

If you usually do your regular food shop using Amazon Prime Now, you’ll be able to add a Cadbury’s Mini Egg Easter egg or a Cadbury’s Crème Egg Easter egg to your basket for just £1.

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