10 easy and affordable cleaning hacks

10 easy and affordable cleaning hacks

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

Some supermarket cleaning products can be pricey. They’re not always multi-purpose either. Instead, using these common household items can make your house sparkle just as good for half the price.

1. Clean awkward containers with rice  

If you have any awkwardly shaped containers or vases, put a handful of uncooked rice into the bottom and add a little bit of washing up liquid and water. Put the lid back on or cover the opening with your hand and give it a good shake. The hard rice will scrape off any residue from inside the container.  

2. Use a grapefruit to clean your bathtub  

Cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle a generous amount of salt on top of one of the halves. Wet the inside of your bathtub and then scrub all over with the salty grapefruit. Once you have finished, rinse your bathtub with warm water. It will leave it sparkling clean and smelling citrus fresh.  

3. Use a toothbrush to clean your keyboard  

You could use an old toothbrush for this, but a new one might be more effective. All you need to do is turn your keyboard on its side and run your toothbrush across the keys making sure you get inside all the gaps. 

4. Use tin foil to clean greasy pots 

If you have any pots that have built up grease on them, scrunch some tin foil up into a ball and use it as you would a scourer. The sharp edges of the foil will be able to remove any of the stains, that previously wouldn’t budge.  

5. Clean your chopping board with lemon 

To get rid of stains on your chopping board cut a lemon in half, pour salt onto your chopping board and then scrub away using the fleshy side of the lemon. Once you have done this leave the salt and lemon for 5 minutes before rinsing off.  

6. Use tea to clean glass and chrome  

Let a tea bag brew in boiling water until it cools down. Then use the liquid to clean things such as mirrors, the front of your microwave or your taps. This method is an affordable, streak-free alternative to regular glass cleaners. Just make sure you wait until the tea has cooled down fully before you start using it!  

7. Use vinegar to clean your windows 

Fill a clean, empty spray bottle with one-part white vinegar and one part water. Spray your windows with the solution and then for best results wipe down using a paper towel. This will leave your windows streak-free and sparkling clean.  

8. Remove pet hair with rubber gloves 

Dampen a rubber glove and rub it over your carpet or your sofa etc. The pet hair will stick to the wet glove. Just don’t forget to give the glove a good rinse afterwards!   

9. Clean your showerhead with vinegar 

You can take your shower head and put it in a bucket or a plastic container and cover it with white vinegar. Or you can take a plastic bag and half fill it with vinegar and tie it around your showerhead, making sure it is completely submerged. Leave for approximately one hour then rinse with clean water. If there is any limescale left on your showerhead you can remove it by scrubbing it away with an old toothbrush.  

10. Make your own all-purpose spray  

In an empty spray bottle, combine one part water with one part white vinegar and lemon rind. You should let it sit for a week before you use it but when it's ready, you'll have an affordable, all-purpose spray. The only exception to using this product, is on granite or stone surfaces. 

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10 easy and affordable cleaning hacks 10 easy and affordable cleaning hacks