Can I go on holiday in the UK?

Can I go on holiday in the UK?

author: Adele Kitchen

By Adele Kitchen

Many Brits have cancelled their foreign holidays this year, and are now looking into holidays in the UK. So, we’ve researched the British staycation to find out where and when you can travel, as well as everything else you need to know.

When can I go on holiday in the UK?

As you may know, holidays in the UK are currently off-limits due to coronavirus. We don’t know when they’ll get the go-ahead from the government. 

There is speculation, however, that staycations could be on the cards from the 4th July at the earliest. This is subject to change, and the exact date may differ in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

Also, the government will only give holidays the green light when it’s safe, as explained by the Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden:

“Clearly, we can only do it if it’s safe to do so because I think the worse thing for our tourism sector would be to start, then see the R rate rise out of control, see a second peak that overwhelms the NHS that we then have to slam on the brakes again”.

We suggest that you keep an eye on the official government website for all of the latest developments as they happen in England. 

Where can I go on holiday in the UK?

Holidays and overnight stays are not permitted anywhere in the UK at the moment. However, you are able to reserve UK holidays in advance with certain hotels, as well as through sites like Haven, CoolCamping and Butlins. These companies hope they’ll be allowed to reopen this season, depending on the government’s upcoming decision. 

Always check the terms and conditions before booking a holiday. Look out for the ‘Coronavirus Booking Guarantee’ to make sure that you’ll be able to reschedule or cancel your reservation if you’re unable to go due to coronavirus.

Are campsites and holiday parks open?

No, campsites and holiday parks are closed, but they are expected to reopen around the 4th July (subject to change). Anyone caught camping in the meantime will face a large fine.

What about hotels, rental homes and B&Bs?

The same goes for hotels, rental homes and B&Bs, which also remain closed until further notice. Staying in second homes is not permitted either at this time.

Can I visit relatives elsewhere in the UK?

If you are from England, you can make day trips of any length as long as you stay within the English borders. Unfortunately, this means you cannot visit relatives elsewhere in the UK if they live outside of England (such as Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales). Each part of the UK currently follows separate lockdown protocols. And people from each devolved nation must stay within their own borders. 

Do I need travel insurance?

We’d suggest you do consider getting travel insurance if you’re going to take a break in the UK when things are back up and running. It could cover things like lost, stolen or damaged valuables, or cancellation due to ill health or a bereavement, for example. Exactly what your policy covers depends on your provider and the terms and conditions.

If you’ve already got annual travel insurance, check with your provider to see if it includes stays within the UK. Also, ask them if you will be reimbursed in the event you need to cancel your holiday due to coronavirus (or any other reason).

Again, look out for the ‘Coronavirus Booking Guarantee’ and make sure that you’ll be able to reschedule or cancel your reservation if you’re unable to go due to coronavirus.

Bear in mind that some policies require you to travel a certain distance from your house and stay away for a few days, so always check the small print. 

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Can I go on holiday in the UK? Can I go on holiday in the UK?